Medical Negligence Case

William L Dixon

Case Conclusion Date:January 1, 2009

Practice Area:Medical Malpractice

Outcome:Confidential seven figure settlement

Description:After falling at his home, our client was taken to a local emergency room for evaluation. The doctor who examined him failed to order certain tests that would have revealed that our client had suffered a spinal cord compression injury. Our client’s injury was not properly diagnosed for nearly three months following his accident, at which time he promptly underwent corrective surgery. Unfortunately, due to the delay in diagnosis, the surgery could not entirely correct the injury that had been untreated during that three-month period. As a result, our client suffered permanent disability and lost any chance of a full recovery. At the age of just 40, our client found himself, primarily confined to a wheelchair, no longer able to live independently and undergoing intensive physical therapy to re-learn basic motor functions, such as walking. A friend of the family suggested that we get involved. We thoroughly investigated the facts and circumstances of our client’s injury and how this injury and disability would impact him for the rest of his life. Our goal was to restore our client’s life, as closely as we could, back to its pre-injury status. With that goal in mind, we negotiated a confidential seven-figure settlement with the medical providers who treated our client.