United States v. George Wegers, et al

Jeffery Patton Robinson

Case Conclusion Date:November 21, 2006

Practice Area:Federal Crime

Outcome:Plea to lesser charge results in 36-cts dismissed

Description:Mr. Lustick, as part of a defense team of three lawyers, represented the International and National President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, who was charged as the lead defendant in a 37-count Federal RICO indictment alleging arson, attempted murder for hire and witness tampering. The case was resolved with the client making a plea to one minor count and receiving a sentence of 20 months. The client was able to maintain the right to remain an active member of the club and avoided all RICO forfeitures. Then, after two years of a three-year term of probation, Mr. Lustick was successful in getting the client off probation.