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  • Will i be arrested at the airport?

    I have a felony arrest warrant for theft from 11+ years ago in marion county oregon I moved to Texas around that time due to drug use and trouble I was getting into. Having stayed I would be dead or in prison. Since leaving I have done a complete ...

    Ryan’s Answer

    I agree with what has been written by the other commentators. I write only to add that because it's a possibility you will be arrested, you should seriously consider what day you fly in. If you're arrested in Portland, and you're not immediately released, it would likely take a day or two to get you to Marion County jail. When you arrive in Salem, if it's a Saturday, you wouldn't be arraigned until Monday.

    In other words, you could spend in jail the amount of time you could have spent driving in.

    I would recommend talking to a Salem attorney about the best time and day to turn yourself in, in the interest of getting arraigned and possibly released either that day or the next.

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  • Can I be denied SS benefits on a 16 year old felony warrant from another state?

    I was arrested on this warrant in the state that I currently live in 10 years after it was issued. I was held in the county jail on a fugitive charge for 10 weeks at which point i waived extradition on the advice of my lawyer. I was released the s...

    Ryan’s Answer

    Yes, it is possible your benefits would be denied. I can't say with certainty, but it's not uncommon. I have gotten calls from people who always meant to travel across country and turn themselves in to resolve the matter but kept putting it off. Then, they suffer from injuries and illness and are unable to travel. But as a result of the warrant, their SS disability is denied.

    It will almost certainly be better to take care of it while you can.

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  • I'm trying to find out if there is any way to expunge a record with 2 misdemeanors before the 10 year mark?

    I was really stupid and young (alone and scared) when I got into some legal trouble. I didn't know what to do or even know how to fight for my self. I ended up with 2 misdemeanors (one when I didn't even do anything) for theft. 7 years later I am ...

    Ryan’s Answer

    Well, far be it from me to disagree slightly from my colleagues, but I believe their answers are incomplete.

    Depending on what the two charges are, if they were from the same criminal episode, it's possible that they should have "merged" into a single conviction. If so, it's not too late to fix that, via an ORS 138.083 motion. But even if the counts qualify for merger, the decision whether to merge after all this time is in the discretion of the trial court (i.e., the judge could say no, even if the law is on your side.) Once merged -- and again, everything would have to fall into place for it to happen -- then you could seek expungement now.

    A lawyer should be able to tell you within five minutes whether the two counts should have merged. They'll need to see the complaint, the judgment and ideally the police reports.

    You might be wondering: if the counts should merge, wouldn't someone have noticed that at the time of the sentencing? Not necessarily, for a number of reasons, which would take to long to explain here.

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  • Rape in a Relationship.

    Last year I was 18, in a relationship with a 29 year old who would get me drunk and rape me. I admit I was with him because he helped me financially (I had a pregnant teenage sister who I support /supported). I was too scared to stop him, especial...

    Ryan’s Answer

    The police will take a statement, and the final charging decision will be made by a prosecutor. The prosecutor's office also has "victim's advocates," who can provide you with guidance and information. You don't need a lawyer necessarily but a lawyer can help facilitate the process and sometimes gather evidence to support your allegations.

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  • I borrowed car with out asking hit pole leavet and fell sleep what im i looking at

    after leaving 1pm went home fell asleep woke up3pm went doctors at 4 pm i don't rember leaving seen

    Ryan’s Answer

    In addition to the crimes Mr. Kahn mentioned, it sounds like you could be charged with misdemeanor failure to perform the duties of a driver (aka Hit and Run).

    I cannot tell from your post if you've been charged. If not, an attorney can make inquiries regarding any monetary damages the victims' suffered without revealing your identity. You could then arrange to make restitution through the attorney if you thought that was the right thing to do.

    Alternatively, if you have been charged, the charges are the type that can be compromised, i.e., dismissed if conditions agreed to by the judge and victims are met. Usually those conditions include full payment of restitution. You'll want to start saving up money now. Once again, a lawyer can guide you through the process.

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  • I went to jail for a assault 4 in 2010 and completed my probation in 2013 how can i get it off my record

    so i can get a job

    Ryan’s Answer

    Assuming the conviction is out of Multnomah County, you can contact Metropolitan Public Defenders, and go to their expungement clinic which is usually held Monday around 1PM. They will help you fill out all the paperwork you need and answer any questions, and they will do so for free.

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  • How much time is 58months in jail time

    my boyfriend was sentence to 58months in prison he was charged with two felonys one meth posetion and second meth delivery he was arrested feb. 25

    Ryan’s Answer

    Within a few weeks of his arrival at Coffee Creek Intake Center, the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) website will show his anticipated release date.

    This release date could change for the better if he gets into an Alternative Incarceration Program (AIP) or for the worse (if he loses good time based on his behavior).

    About 45 days after arrival at Coffee Creek, he will be transferred to a different prison. You'll be able to find out which Oregon prison he is at by going to the website above or you can keep track of him through, which has the ability to notify you via e-mail when he is released or transferred to another facility.

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  • How do u expunge ur criminal record???

    I was charged with theft when I was 18 years old and I am 51 now, and I want 2 expunge it now...

    Ryan’s Answer

    You can find most of your questions answered here.

    If the conviction occurred in Multnomah County, you can go to the expungement clinic at Metropolitan Public Defenders, Inc., on Mondays at 1PM, and they can help you fill out the paperwork and answer your questions. Their services are free.

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  • What happens whhen he broke his probation.

    He is 22 and was guilty of statutory rape (against me I am 15 yrs old) and got probation some classes and other things. We were not allowed any contact during his probation but we still did. Through email. They found out ( they being police etc.) ...

    Ryan’s Answer

    One good source for finding out if he -- or anyone -- is in custody in Oregon is You can also use vinelink to register for an e-mail that will notify you when he gets out of custody or is transferred to a different location. When the other attorneys answered that if revoked, he will go to prison, they were using a sort of legal shorthand. It's entirely possible he could be revoked and spend the entire time in the custody of the local jail. Whether revocation means jail or prison depends on the exact terms of his plea agreement when he originally pleaded guilty.

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