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Daniel S Margolin

Daniel Margolin’s Legal Guides

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  • How to enforce your parenting plan in Oregon

    What are the benefits? The burden of proof is lower than for contempt, making it easier to prove close cases. You can generally get in front of a judge faster than with contempt. The court must hold

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  • Spousal Support Modification

    How to File These cases can very very contentious and very fact specific. It is advisable to hire a lawyer to assist in filing the matter. If a person wants to file on his/her own, they should foll

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  • How to divide personal property in a divorce

    What is Personal Property? How is it Divided? Personal property, meaning furniture, art, family photos, pets, and other general property, in a divorce is treated no differently than the division of o

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  • When do I have to tell the other parent that I am asking the court for emergency custody?

    Pre-Judgment Orders - No Notice Required Pre-Judgment orders are governed by ORS 107.097 (3)(a). The statute does not require that notice be provided to the other party. The party requesting the orde

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  • What is Collaborative Divorce

    How to Choose a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Choosing your collaborative divorce lawyer is one of the most important parts of the collaborative divorce process. It is crucial that your lawyer has the

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