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Sandra P Naranjo

Sandra Naranjo’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Gervasio

    poor communicator

    Sandra offered me a flat rate but did not attempt to renegotiate terms when the other party turned out to cause her several more weeks to months of work than she had anticipated. Instead, she chose to stop representing my interests and accepted whatever opposing counsel offered. Her communication skills are severely lacking. On our last appearance in court, the judge spent 15 minutes scolding her and opposing counsel for not appearing when summoned -- I was the only party that showed and had to reschedule time off from work to appear on short notice two weeks hence.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Reg

    Best Lawyer we could have asked for!

    My wife and I have been using Sandra as our legal council since 2008. My wife got in touch with her when Sandra was with another lawfirm. She liked her so much that when Sandra left that firm and opened her own practice we followed her as well.
    Our story starts as many do with my wife divorcing her extremely abusive husband in 2008. She had two sweet little boys with him and anyone who has kids in a divorce knows it can get ugly fast. She had moved to Portland and needed a lawyer to represent her. Enter Sandra. She made things simple for my wife. Easy to understand. Not using a lot of big legal jargon. She helped my wife through some really tough times, filing the exact paperwork she needed and even getting a temperary protective order for her and the kids just in the nick of time before the ex took the boys to California! This short note cannot begin to describe everything she has done for my wife and our two boys.
    I married my wife in June of 2009 and met Sandra for the first time. I had heard a lot about her from my wife of course but when I met Sandra I liked her right off the bat. She laid things out for me and my wife in plain terms so we could understand, but also kept it in perspective by letting us know every scenario. We went back to court over custody and talk about having someone in your corner! She got the Judge to grant the ex-husband the least amount of parenting time even "she" had ever seen! Evertime the ex would hit us with some paperwork Sandra was right there to send even more right back at him.
    It has finally come to an end though. Sandra has just got done filling the adoption paperwork. It's a pretty good feeling when the other guys' lawyer drops out because your lawyer is the best! The ex even commented on Sandra, saying he wished his lawyer had worked that hard for him. Fees are very reasonable and the professionalism is unmatched. I have delt with my fair share of lawyers in the past but Sandra felt more like a friend to us than our legal council. I have received bills from lawyers in the past and thought to myself, "What did you do for me again? Nine hours researching what?" But with Sandra we knew exactly what she had done. Everything is spelled out. She communicates very promply and returns phone calls and e-mails at lightning speed. She would meet with us several times before court appearances to discuss stratagy and have a post meeting right after court to discuss just what had happened. And I would say the best quality about her, and there are a lot to choose from, is the fact that she listens to what you want to do...and then goes and executes it!
    If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer than look no further! She is not only a good lawyer, she is a good person who cares deeply about her clients and doens't view them as dollar signs. Your case and most importantly you and your family will be in good hands with Sandra Naranjo representing you.

    Portland, OR