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Neal Ingalls Sanders

Neal Sanders’s client reviews

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  • A dissapointment

    1.0 star

    Posted by Kelly

    He was unprofessional... in a matter he was personally involved in with a 3rd party (who later was found to be wrong in his accusations towards said client) Neal Sanders asked his client “if he had been the one who had stolen items from one of his good friends?”, it was clear Mr. Sanders already had his mind made up, he did not do his best for his paying client instead showed neglect and lack of consideration towards his client's rights and was helpful to the prosecution.
    He should have never accepted the case or the outrageous retainer fee for his representation, when he knew he was bias and going to be unfavorable in the defense of his paying client. Shame on you Neal Sanders I am writing this because I paid Mr. Sanders his fees, I witnessed this first hand and the client cannot and will not be able to write a review for many many years

  • Neal Sanders Got My Charges Dismissed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jim

    I was arrested at home in the afternoon for DUI and Hit & Run following an accident that involved side-swiping a parked car at 5:30 a.m. that morning. By the time the cops showed up in the afternoon I'd had a couple drinks, so of course I tested positive for alcohol. At the time of the accident I had not yet been diagnosed with a serious health condition that caused me to have black-outs, and I was unaware that I had hit a car. In fact, when I first saw the damage to the fender of my own car I thought somebody else had hit my parked car. After being booked and released on the DUI arrest I became disoriented and was admitted to the hospital that same evening with life-threatening anemia. However, the district attorney didn't care about my health problem. The DA came after me hard. I was too ill to appear in court, too tired to argue and too sick to be able to defend myself. I thank God for sending Neal Sanders to fight for me in court and get my charges dismissed. As a former director at a major aeronautics company, I've worked with dozens of lawyers. Neal Sanders offers top-notch big-city-style criminal defense in a small-town venue. In my opinion you need go no further than Eureka, CA to find one of the finest criminal defense attorneys in the country.

  • The best Lawyer I have ever had anything to do with.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesse

    Neal resolved a 22 year old arrest warrant in my favor . With all witness deceased and most records destroyed. He was recommended by a highly respected real estate broker and 2 local real estate lawyers. Neal was diligent in his research, knowledgeable in his preparation of my case. Very professional in every aspect. More than fair in his fee's. I would say that Neal is the best at his profession that I have had any connection. Thank you Neal.