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Michael John Richter

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    Posted by a Workers Compensation client

    Stay Away!

    Do not Hire Michael Richter. Save yourself the head ache, waisted time and gas!

    I had met with 4 attorneys regarding my personal injury/workers compensation case, previous to being referred to Mr.Richter by another attorney. The reason they referred me to Mr.Richter was because he handles both personal injury and workers compensation.

    Upon hiring Mr.Richter we had agreed to open my personal injury case and leave the workers compensation case alone until a QME had been performed by the state.

    The problem was that Mr.Richter took it upon himself without consulting me and sent my workers compensation agent a letter stating he will be representing me.

    Upon hearing this news from my workers compensation agent I immediately called Mr.Richter to find out what was going on.

    He told me he had decided to file both case, for time purposes to close the case faster. (IE. Less work for him)

    I then responded that we had agreed to leave the works compensation case alone until after the QME which was discussed in an email between him and the attorney that referred me to him.

    I also told him I was not worried about the time restraints yet more worried about him damaging the case and possible minimizing my compensation just to save himself some time.

    Mr.Richter will represent you in his best interest.

    He opened both cases to get paid ASAP instead of taking the time to allow the system to work itself out and file at the appropriate time insuring the client will have the largest compensation available.

    He is not worried about what the clients needs or wants are.

    For your own good I recommend shopping around.