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Jacqueline Ann Anderson

Jacqueline Anderson’s client reviews

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  • Great Lawyer for divorce (same- sex or otherwise)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristen

    I use Jacqueline when I was going through a divorce with my ex-domestic partner. As I have never been divorced before, I consulted with Jacqueline about what to expect, learn about the proceedings, and what I was entitled to. Even though it was amicable divorce with agreed upon terms, I wanted Jacqueline to look at the final documents before I signed them and make sure everything was in order. She went over the documents with a fine tooth comb, made sure I understood the documents, and the pros and cons of the terms. I had such a great experience with her that I recommended her to a friend that was going through a divorce from her domestic partner of 20+ years. I heard nothing but positive feedback about Jacqueline from my friend that I referred her to.

    Jacqueline is fair, knows what you are entitled to in a divorce, is very accessible, close to the Santa Clara County court house, and familiar with same-sex divorce proceedings and issues. I highly recommend her.

  • Pre-birth order case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mohammad

    My partner and I had to get a pre-birth order for our un-born child and after talking/emailing few attorneys we stopped by at her office. She was so open book and laid out all the possibilities and possible issues. I loved the honesty and decided to use their service.
    On our court day when we were called she was so prepared and professional that our issue got resolved very very quickly. All the paper works their arrangement and presentation. We could not be happier.
    By the way Jackie and Haley really make you feel you are at home and they are your family.
    Thank you guys for all your help.

  • Highly recommending Jackie

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kellee

    Jackie works in a tough environment, where emotions are understandably running high. Her knowledge and calm manner really helped me understand the processes we had to go through and how things would work. She knows the other lawyers in the area and understands what information the judges are looking for to resolve issues quickly.
    Jackie always made me feel like a person, not a "case" and I always knew that she was on my side. I felt confident that she would help me get the best possible results, even if that was not the result I thought should be possible. If I was being unreasonable, she would explain the rationality of her recommendations firmly, but with compassion.
    Jackie expected me to make key decisions and she explained the pros and cons of the potential consequences. I always felt that I was making informed decisions when working with her.
    I had two different lawyers before I worked with Jackie but over the several years she represented me, there was never a question of not going back to Jackie once I had worked with her.
    I feel completely comfortable recommending her and have recommended her to friends when they unfortunately needed the type of assistance that she provides.

  • Excellent Family Law Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    Jackie represented me superbly for 4+ years throughout an extremely contentious divorce. She is always prepared and projects an authoritative, confident presence to both opposing counsel and judges. She is always very professional and maintains a calm demeanor despite the circumstances.

    Jackie always told me the truth and what I needed to hear; oftentimes it not what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth and ultimately it was helpful to both me and my case. She deftly navigated difficult, trying, emotional circumstances, realizing that divorce is usually very difficult for the client.

    Her 20 years of experience serve her very well. She is respected by the judges and fellow attorneys. She often advised me on options that would be best for me and my children, rather than suggesting a course of action that would prlong the case or increase her billing. I NEVER felt that she was doing anything but putting my and my children's needs first.

    Jackie and her assistant, Hayley, always were very responsive to me and kept me informed as to the latest developments in my case. She treats her clients with respct, care, and understanding.

    I have recommended Jackie to several others in need of a family law attorney, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

  • Review of J A Anderson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    When I found myself in need of Family Law services I was recommended to J. A. Anderson. In my case there were some complications with out of state parties that led to a protracted process. Her style is to get the facts and data on the table and plan from there. Jackie's team was able to manage the complications, develop a plan that in the end served my needs in an equitable resolution to all parties involved. I recommend her services!!