When we had to go into bankruptcy in 1999, we moved quickly once we relized we couldn't make it. We contacted a local attorney, Kevin Courtney, who agreed to take our case. After filing all the papers he requested and paying his fee, we waited to get our date in bankruptcy court. After a reasonable time of waiting, I started calling the office to find out what was happening. We waited from October of 1999 until February of 2000. After hearing excuses like "the court is too busy with the holidays to take our filing" and other unbelievable excuses, I wrote Mr. Courtney a letter telling him that if I didn't hear from the bankruptcy court with a date within 10 days, I would contact the court personally. I hand walked the letter into his office and had his receptionist sign for it. That was at 9:00 am. Later, I saw that my file, which had been in his office for months, was filed with the bankruptcy court the same afternoon I gave him my letter. I never did see Mr. Courtney again. He sent a "rent-a-lawyer" to court (without first advising me that he was going to do so) who met us in the hallway and didn't have a clue how to present our case. This lawyer was told by the court officer that if Mr. Courtney didn't get his act together and stop pulling shenanigans, the court officer would see that his name was taken off the court approved lawyer list. We did get our bankruptcy approved, and have cursed this man for years. It's impossible to share the pain he caused us by dragging out our case and not responding to our calls. Again, I wouldn't use this attorney if you paid me to do so!