Mr. Larry E. Cook advised me regarding a very sensitive and urgent legal matter late in 2011. I consulted with him professionally regarding the facts and details of this matter on several occasions, both on the telephone and via email. I fully trusted, based upon his reputation and experience, that Mr. Cook would provide competent, if not excellent legal advice and counsel pertaining to my case.

Unfortunately, with enormous expense to me, both financially and emotionally, Mr. Cook proved to be incompetent and ignorant of the legal issues / legal field of specialization he advised me upon.

To make matters worse, Mr. Cook did not only provide incompetent legal advice and counsel. He also ignored and refused to acknowledge all of my attempts to contact him advising him of the resulting dire legal position his advice placed me in, occurring after our attorney-client consultations. Those shocking and distressing events occurred as a direct result of following Mr. Cook's legal advice to me on the matter in question.

The consequences of taking his legal advice have been devastating to my finances and to my financial reputation. I now have a permanent mark on my credit history, which cannot be undone. Even more importantly, the very close and precious relationships between me and my teenaged son and daughter have been seriously disrupted and violated (as it involved the seizure of our home and all of our personal possessions) as a result of Mr. Cook's legal incompetence and outrageously insensitive disregard.

I continue to suffer greatly from the repercussions of Mr. Cook's: 1) extremely poor legal advice and 2) subsequent failure to respond to all of my efforts to contact him after suffering the painful consequences of taking his advice.

I have never felt the need to inform the public regarding any issue before now, particularly involving the disclosure of details of such a private and personal matter. However, in this case, I feel it is absolutely necessary that any and all existing, potential, and future clients be informed of the truth about Mr. Larry E. Cook - especially considering that he is being portrayed as a "Super Lawyer." Please take heed; based upon my experience, he is entirely untrustworthy, and to be avoided at all costs.