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David William Ginn

David Ginn’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Protect Against Contractor Defaults in California

    Maintain Your List of Potential Claimants. Whenever you receive a twenty day preliminary lien notice, put it into a single file, and have a list on the front page with the contact information for eac

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  • How to File a Stop Payment Notice on a Public Works Construction Project in California (Updated)

    What is a Stop Notice? A stop notice directs the public entity owner to set aside money that is otherwise owed to the contractor until your claim gets paid. A Stop Notice is a powerful tool that wil

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  • How to Record a Mechanics' Lien in California

    Check Your Records Assemble your contract, payment records, and change orders. Check to make sure that you sent out a twenty-day preliminary lien notice if you are not in direct contract with the Ow

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