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Hasan Abdullah

Hasan Abdullah’s Legal Guides

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  • Certification of Citizenship

    What is a Certificate of Citizenship and Who Qualifies? A certificate of citizenship is what the name implies; it is a document which certifies that an individual is a US Citizen. In some cases, an i

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  • Guide to asylum and refugee status

    See answers to common questions, such as how to qualify, what a "well-founded" fear is, and where you can apply.

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  • TN Visa

    What is a TN Visa and Who Qualifies? TN stands for "Trade NAFTA." A TN visa allows Canadian and Mexican citizens to work in the Unites States in certain professional occupations. Eligibility is met w

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  • U Visa Guide

    What is a U Visa and Who Qualifies? A U visa allows victims of certain qualifying criminal activity to reside and work in the United States lawfully. This classification was created in the interest o

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  • Naturalization Guide

    What is a Naturalization and Who Qualifies? Naturalization is the process of going from immigrant status to US Citizen status. You must: i) continuously hold a green card for 57 months (33 months

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  • What the DOL will Expect from Your H-1B Public Access Files

    655.760(a) Public examination The employer shall make a filed labor condition application and necessary supporting documentation available for public examination at the employer's principal place of

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  • Requirements Checklist For VAWA Self-Petitions

    This is a set of requirements that can be used as a checklist when petitioning for VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) protection. This is something you should further consult with your immigration lawyer about.

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