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I130 Petition for Non-Immediate Relatives - Case Assessment

Posted by attorney Hasan Abdullah

This video was brought to you by Our do-it-yourself kit assists you to prepare your immigration case to file an I-130 petition for any preference based category petition (meaning a petition by a US Citizen for an adult son/daughter over age 21, a sibling, or a petition by a green card holder for their spouse or children). Note, this kit is not suitable and does not contain instructions for adoptive parent or adopted child petitions, petitions where the petitioning father is petitioning a child born out of wedlock, and petitions where the petitioning son/daughter is sponsoring a father and the son/daughter was born out of wedlock due to additional complexities in such cases. For sibling petitions, this kit is only suitable if the siblings are full-blood siblings, and both born in wedlock to the same parents. Also note that in stepparent and stepchild cases, the child must be under 18 when the step-relationship is established.

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