As someone well-acquainted with Ms. Lauser, I can say that she is a zealous advocate with a heart of gold, and that anyone criticizing her efforts on their behalf is simply too ignorant of their own faults to see the true value of her efforts or has an unwarranted axe to grind. I have had Ms.Lauser settle several legal disputes for me over the past few years, everything from false paternity accusations to civil matters, and her advice has always been sound and well-informed. I am also familiar with her start in the law nearly 10 years ago as a law student learning in another firm, and I can tell you that she has worked hard over the years to distance herself from the petty and dishonest behavior of many other attorneys in Martinez. She is as honest as the day is long and walks the walk when it comes to the ethical treatment of her clients. She takes clients in the toughest of situations and works tirelessly to help fix the messes they've made of their lives. The rest is up to them.