Rualo vs. Wachovia Bank--Loan Mod/Trustee's Sale Pending

Linda Calderon Garrett

Case Conclusion Date:January 3, 2011

Practice Area:Foreclosure

Outcome:Helped borrowers receive loan mod after 4 previous denials.

Description:Facing impending sale of their home, two elderly homeowners came to me to assist them with challenging Wachovia who had denied them 3 times on their request for a loan modification. Before coming to me, this couple had received assistance from HUD counselors and attempted a loan mod on their own. I assisted them with resubmitting their loan package and procuring a great loan modification of $1843/month to include principal, interest, taxes and insurance. I, too, received a denial from Wachovia (the 4th deniall); however, I fought back until I procured the loan mod for my clients.

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