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Daniel Seth Williams

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  • Collaborative Divorce EZ Synopsis for Californians

    Collaborative Divorce in a Nutshell Often times I am asked what the easiest way to get divorced is and how much will it cost. This is a question that I have found over the years that the client know

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  • What Types of Restraining Orders are Available -- What can they Provide?

    Domestic Violence Restraining Orders may include any or all of the following (Ca Fam 6218): Temporary Custody:During the pendency of a proceeding where the custody of a minor child is in issue (including domestic relations status actions, Ca Fam 3120 actions for exclusive custo...

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  • Who Can Be Protected Parties in a Restraining Order

    The person seeking a DVPA remedy as a "protected person" must fall into one of the categories described in Ca Fam 6211: Spouse:A spouse or former spouse. [Ca Fam 6211(a)] Cohabitant:A "cohabitant" or former cohabitant--meaning a person who regularly resides (or formerly regular...

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  • What is a quick-tip for knowing about child support?

    Child Support is Based on Three Factors: Number of Children Subject to the Order. Gross Income or Earning Capacity of Each Parent. Percentage of Time the Children Spend with Each Parent. Child Support by Statute is payable until each child turns 18, or 19 if still a full time h...

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    he duration of spousal support is closely linked to the length of the marriage. Frequently, practitioners speak of the 'rule of thumb' that spousal support will last for one-half the length of the marriage. The duration of spousal support is left to the sound discretion of the co...

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  • Division of Property and Debts in California

    California law recognizes that both spuses make valuable contributions to a marriage. Most property will be labeled either community property or separate property. Community Property is generally ALL property that you and your spouse acquiored through labor and or your or your s...

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  • Divorce and Legal Separation in a Nutshell

    A quick overview of Divorce and Legal Separation in California.

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