Ms. Presley and her staff are incredible. They took my divorce and child custody case and turned it from hopeless, to a win win situation for my children and myself. Ms. Presley guiding me through the process. At times I was inpatient, at times I was unreasonable, at times I lost hope, - it was at those times that I realized she was more than an attorney, and I was more than a client. She did not always tell me what I wanted to hear. But when she told me to be patient, trust me, baby steps, I listened. I went from a distraught father to a father at peace. She mentored me, through tough love and a motherly touch. She encouraged me to be kind to my ex wife. “It’s important Michael, your children will remember.” And she was right. Ms. Presley and her staff are in a class of their own. I highly recommend her. She has represented three friends of mine. All of whom are all happy with her representation.