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Gene Edward Dorney

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  • How difficult would it be to get my DUI dropped (CA, first time)?

    I was driving and saw two cops, one on each side street ahead with their lights flashing. It was very dark and multiple street lamps were out. I slowed down and passed between cops within the legal speed limit. I passed them instead of stopping si...

    Gene’s Answer

    You can speak with a DUI attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can assist you by speaking with you about the details, analyzing the arrest report, and talking to witnesses. You can work with the attorney to develop a strategy for your case.

    Gene Dorney
    Attorney at Law

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  • How often will i be drug tested in san diego work furlough?

    sentenced to 120 days in san diego work furlough for possession. will i have to serve the entire time and how often will i be drug tested?

    Gene’s Answer

    You can expect to be tested sometime near the begining of your work furlough commitment, and perhaps more often. You will certainly be tested immediately if you return from work to the jail, and staff believes you are showing symptoms of drug or alcohol use.

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  • Offense of gettn pulled over the secound who never had a liscenes

    no criminal background...just never had a liscenes..1st time getting pulled over judge told me 6mthns till i can get the lisecen..during the 6th mthns got pulled over by union police

    Gene’s Answer

    First, I recommend that you consult with an attorney in the jurisdiction of where the tickets were issued. With the information you have provided, it sounds like you have two cases pending, both for violation of unlicensed driver. It appears that the first judge either offered you six months in jail or gave you six months to get a license, These are important factors to speak with an attorney about. I recommend that you do not miss any court dates in connection with both of these matters.

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  • New law passed couple a weeks ago that lets 2nd time dui offenders get their license back faster by installing the iid

    i know that schaznneger just sign it into law.when does it take effect and where can i get some details

    Gene’s Answer

    It takes effect July 1, 2010. You can get the full text of the law at I recommend that you speak with a lawyer immediately if you are currently charged with a second DUI.

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