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Steve C Vondran

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent experience with Steve

    My experience with Steve was exceptional. Not only did he take care of my case professionally and tactfully, but also was respectful to my situation. He resolved my issue in a timely manner and without any additional charges or fees. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for a competent lawyer who will get the job done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ms. Angela Barrett

    Steve is Good! I won without any problems.

    Steve helped me win my small claims case. I listened to him on YouTube and his advice was excellent! I live in Columbus, Ohio and I had to take my friend to court because she wouldn't return my brand new expensive dress as I promised. I didn't have a receipt, but with the advice Steve gave me on YouTube it worked. He quoted, " Act and Think like a lawyer. Use lawyer terminology. Be on time, dress real well, rehearse what you going to say, and be well prepared, don't say nothing if the Judge is ruling in your favor. It worked! Thank You, Steve Vondran! I love you! xoxo

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “I'm so glad to hear one of my videos helped out. Thank you for taking the time to tell your story and CONGRATULATIONS!!!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Karthikeyan

    Steve did a Awesome Job to Clear out my Wife Picture that was infringed in Facebook

    My case was quite different from other real estate cases as I was heard that Steve does take more real estate cases. My wife picture was infringed in Facebook and after numerous search on the net I found Steve who also looks into such type of cases. With little hesitant I contacted his office whether he would accept my case as I have seen most cases he took were property related. But to my surprise, he took the case immediately and inquired/collected all the details from me. I was very comfortable asking as many questions as I have to him as well as his assistant Lisa. They both were answering all my questions and responded to my e-mail immediately without any delay. Now finally my case was resolved with just a legal demand letter to Facebook to remove the infringed picture of my wife from Facebook. I am glad that I contacted Steve and he made sure that the case is resolved easily. Thanks a lot Steve and Lisa for helping us out!! Will definitely contact Steve in future in case I run into some legal issues.

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our firm!!! Take care.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jon M.

    Steve is DA MAN!!!

    I needed help with intellectual property rights for my business. My partner found Steve online and set up a phone consultation with him.
    I was actually nervous before the consultation. I've been though similar situations with other attorneys. Some will either paint a dark picture that the worst can and WILL happen (OMG!!! everything is gloom and doom!!) while others will constantly flip flop on their opinions, so many times as to not commit on ANYTHING (can you say.............wishy washy) Either way......... you feel MORE confused AFTER the conversation than BEFORE.
    Not with Steve!! He gave his opinion, didn't use confusing legal jargon, and spoke with us like we were a friend of his. Like asking your good college buddy for legal advice. It was that comfortable!!
    If you need legal help, I would give Steve a call, and actually look forward to when we can talk again! When does that happen with an attorney??

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “That's very nice and thoughtful of you to take the time to share that. I wish you the BEST of SUCCESS in the future!!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Rob

    Big League Savy...Entreprenurial Hustle: A Rare, Priceless Combo!

    Having worked for 3 mega-corporations and started 12 new ventures in 6 states, I have had my share of experience working with law firms and attorneys! Only two attorneys that I have engaged had the rare blend of professional legal moxy, business savy and rapid response that I call "Entrepreneurial Hustle". Steve Vondran and his Law Firm, individually and collectively, met this rare stringent criteria. I am glad I found Vondran Law. Steve is great as is his staff. I recommend them highly and will use them again if the need arises for me in Arizona or California.

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “MOXY, BUSINESS SAVOY, and RAPID RESPONSE. You said it Soooo well. This is what we strive to be. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments!! I hope we can do business again in the future!!!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client


    BEST ATTY. EVER ON THIS PLANET....ok, for me...he is the most honest, knowledgable, caring, to the point Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Defense atty. This man is the real deal. Look him up, Google his name..the info he provides speaks to his knowledge and compassion for those of us who know so little. You will NOT be dissapointed.

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “Thank you so much, its a BIG PLANET and if I am the BEST EVER than I am doing my job right. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Wish you well.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Bill - Scottsdale, AZ.

    Battling the banking oligarchs is challenging; especially since they control the issuance of currency & credit. Steve understands the dynamics of the banking/mortgage system and delivered beyond expectations. We are still in the arena with the bank, working to save our home from foreclosure. My wife and I are confident that Steve's expertise far exceeds that of the standard foreclosure defense firms we've researched. Steve was the only attorney I've spoken with that knew more about securitization fraud than I did.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Wayne

    Exceptional Attorney who "Fights The Good Fight" for Victimized Clients

    Steve C. Vondran, his assistant Lisa and the entire firm in all offices are simply exceptional. My family and I experienced a severe medical hardship due medical malpractice and that did cause financial stress for many years. In which predatory lenders took advantage of us on our home purchase. Steve represented us in all aspects and was able to build traction with the companies and predatory parties that took advantage of us and eventually win and bring a viable solution that was positive for all involved. My family and I respect him and his law firm, he is not afraid to take on a larger entity and has a vast network in the financial and real estate marketplace. We highly recommend you speak and retain Mr. Vondran and his firm to represent in your specific situation, you will not be dissapointed. They will fight to the end and do all they can to find a way to bring you and your family a solution, if at all possible.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Real Estate client

    Best in Class Real Estate Legal Services

    The Law Offices of Steve C Vondran provide excellent, honest service at a fair rate. Steve and his staff execute at a very high level and I recommend them with any DRE related license issues.

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “Thank you for sharing your comments. We love our real estate clients and fighting for them so they can practice in the most amazing profession on earth. We wish you all the best in the future!!!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vivienne

    Steve C. Vondran IS THE "DAVID" who CAN fight against the "Goliath's", a.k.a. "the servicers". EXPERT in MORTGAGE FRAUD!!!

    After losing two investment properties, and holding on to dear life for my residential property, and after having been TAKEN ...BIG TIME by another "mortgage fraud" attorney, I was giving up hope in ever finding any trustworthy and knowledgable attorney to fight against and expose the FRAUD by CHASE BANK, who in my case, acquired these loans from Wamu, and then immediately tried to FORECLOSE on them, once we tried to get out of our "toxic loan/adjustable". CHASE had already "STOLEN" my "cash cow" investement property, even after we had all of the financials to prove we could keep the property. No matter, CHASE was on a one track mission to FORECLOSE....PERIOD!~One day, while researching on the Internet, and after having spent $4000 on another attorney, who did nothing to save my properties....I stumbled upon Steve, in a Fox News mortgage fraud news clip:
    My story was very similiar to this woman Steve was representing, except that my husband and I, were TOLD by Chase Bank to "go late 3 months", ON PURPOSE in order to be considered for a "hardship loan", because we were trying to get our of the "adjustable loan" we got into. We were CURRENT, on our mortgages, but CHASE couldn't help us "refi" out of our bad loan, unless we decided to follow their STUPID POLICY to "go late". Long story short, my husband and I IMMEDIATELY contacted Steve at his website :
    and retained him. His price was NOT off the chart. I felt it was fair and alot less expensive than what I had already paid to another attorney that did nothing. Steve was, and IS, professional, compassionate...and MOST OF ALL....SMART SMART SMART!!! He listened and then, based on his background knowledge, not only in the area of real estate, but in the mortgage industry itself, came up with a GOLDEN GAME that I NEVER WOULD HAVE EVER CONSIDERED, to possibly "smoke out" the crooks. Let me tell SAVED MY RESIDENTIAL HOME.....and as of now, A YEAR LATER, my family of seven, which includes my senior father, and very ill husband, are SAFE FROM THE CLAWS of the "servicer's" who were "wolves in sheep's clothing". Steve was able to create a "judicial foreclosure", in a "non judicial state" (CA)....with his very clever stratedgy....I can't give out all the "secrets", but you will NOT BE DISSAPOINTED if you retain this lawyer. Our personal victory and it's outcome made up for the lost investment property Chase "stole".
    By the way, I'm not being paid to say this...I'm not an employee of Mr. Vondran's.....I am a very satisfied client, and really, all you have to do is Google Steve's name, and you will discover all of his videos, about the different mortgage fraud scenarios, based on some cases, and some just on his knowledge base, and as you listen, you realize this attorney REALLY KNOWS his stuff!!! One last thought...and God as my witness, I felt that what my husband and I paid to retain Steve was LESS than what I felt was commensurate with the hours he labored over this case, and all of the case knowledge he reviewed to give our case an "even playing field". If my husband and I had more money, we would have HAPPILY paid Steve MORE MORE MORE, even if we had lost this case. My husband and I enjoyed working with Steve and his office staff, because they were very personally interested, in how things were going emotionally on the home front. It was like working with a family member, who just happened to be an attorney.

    Steve C Vondran’s response: “Vivienne, Lisa and I miss you. You are truly a spark plug kind of person. We hope all is well. God bless.”