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Amber Rosann Kaimer

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by 27bvmm

    i expected more

    I was appointed this attorney by the courts, at first clance I thought everything would be good. She had good reviews and everything I had been told was good. But I'm not sure what happened. It started out that she was hard to get in contact with and it would be day before I would get called back. Then before going into court 1 day I told of about another case my ex was involved in that had bearing on my case and that it was public record and asked her to get a copy of it. She acted like she was trying to get it and then came back and told me th at since she wasn't on that case she couldn't get a copy of it. She lied right to my face. I know this because one I asked another lawyer and two I went up to th e same clerk and asked for a copy and the clerk gave it right to me no questions asked. Then if that wasn't enough mrs kaimer wouldn't keep me informed about my case, she was supposed to supena records for evidence in my case and didn't. She failed to get properly prepared to fight and handle my case and because of her poor performance I was forced to find a new lawyer to represent me. In my opinion this performance was due to the fact that mrs kaimer was assigned to me by the courts and since I wasn't paying her out of my pocket she felt the need to treat me and my case as an after thought and like I wasn't a real client.