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Carmen Elena Ramos

Carmen Ramos’s client reviews

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  • Divorce with an unreasonable X

    5.0 stars

    Posted by chris

    Carmen Ramos is a former D.A. and is currently practicing family law at Beatrice Snider’s firm. It is an honor to have Carmon represent us with integrity in Court; Carmon demands respect for what is right and true. My fiance's X dragged out the proceedings with petty issues and distorted facts - he even dragged me into their divorce in the name of " best interest for the children"? Carmen kept our case on track as the opposing side bombarded my fiancé with the petty nastiness that you only see on the extreme Jerry Springer shows. Carmen explained the difficulties of the family law process in simple terms while providing insight and strategies that only come from being an experienced D.A. We could not be more pleased with Carmen. If you have a difficult child custody/divorce case with unreasonable opposition, Carmon will bring reason and peace to your lives.

  • Excellent divorce attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alan

    I went through a most difficult divorce in the last two years. My ex fought me every way, trying to delay the process to prevent me from "leaving:, and trying to get more than her fair share of the community assets to "punish me" for leaving her. My ex made threats to bring me and my co-workers harm. Carmen helped me through the whole filing process, filing for divorce and a temporary restricting order at the same time. On the TRO, Carmen was able to help me keep my vicious ex away from me for 18 months, On the dissolution of marriage, Carmen recommended using a private judge to "expedite" the process. We started with asking the private judge to "mediate". At the mediation session, the judge told me that this a simply case, all the assets are clearly stated, my employment and income are simple, and we should be able to get a settlement "at the end of today". After the private judge met with my ex, he called me in and apologize for failing to mediate a settlement because my ex refused to settle. That was 18 months ago. That's how difficult the case was. There were many challenges and complications along the way. Carmen and her team were really engaged, always with the best advice, and always keeping the momentum going on such a long case. The bottom line is I got the fair settlement I sought from the beginning. My ex was not successful in trying to pin any wrong doing on me because of Carmen's strategy and execution, not that there was any wrong doing on my part, but when you are bombarded constantly with various unsubstantiated accusations, you just wonder how you can defend yourself, but Carmen and her did just did a wonderful job with all that. I am convinced that I had the best possible results in my TRO and divorce because I had the right attorney.

  • Review for Divorce Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    This woman totally gets it. She has an (especially) amazing command of the financial ramifications and nuances involved in settling a divorce case. She was able to swiftly summarize for me (and a more junior lawyer at the firm who was handling my post-nup at the time) the balance sheet issues that pertained to the agreement I was attempting to establish with my then-wife. I returned to become her client when I found it necessary to file for dissolution. She handled my case with care, compassion, and business professionalism, bringing a considerable degree of strategic acumen to swiftly wrap-up my case quite favorably. In addition, she was an excellent steward of my finances and executed with considerable efficiency that I thought uncharacteristic of this business. She is sensitive, but businesslike. Her command of the legal system as it relates to cases that are referential to one's own are exemplary. She is the total package. I would recommend her services time and again.