This woman totally gets it. She has an (especially) amazing command of the financial ramifications and nuances involved in settling a divorce case. She was able to swiftly summarize for me (and a more junior lawyer at the firm who was handling my post-nup at the time) the balance sheet issues that pertained to the agreement I was attempting to establish with my then-wife. I returned to become her client when I found it necessary to file for dissolution. She handled my case with care, compassion, and business professionalism, bringing a considerable degree of strategic acumen to swiftly wrap-up my case quite favorably. In addition, she was an excellent steward of my finances and executed with considerable efficiency that I thought uncharacteristic of this business. She is sensitive, but businesslike. Her command of the legal system as it relates to cases that are referential to one's own are exemplary. She is the total package. I would recommend her services time and again.