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Allen Robert Bloom

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Astute and Righteous Attorney

    This is a felony case with IST (incompetent to stand trial) situation. At the end, we got everything that we wanted, and my wife did not spend any day in custody after the first hearing (this matters the most!). He kept informed me with his thought process - he responded to my email regardless of time (night / weekend). Because he is looking out for our interest, he did not settle quickly (he recommended to reject the DA offer for plea bargain). The entire case lasted 1.5 year.
    When i contacted Allen, my wife had been charged with a felony case, and was deemed IST and was sent to state hospital for up to 3 years. The worst part is all IST persons have to wait in county jail for months before being transfer to state hospital (jail cannot take care of mentally ill person - I was absolutely devastated - my wife was so sick and by the time she got to the hospital she could not walk). Allen helped speed her transfer from county jail to the hospital after 7 weeks (see Freddy Mille case). After 5 months, Allen drove 120 miles to visit my wife and interviewed her with the intent to speed up her release; and later let the hospital know that she could assist him in her defense. After the first court hearing, my wife was pretty much out from custody since then (again, this counted the most!) - i did not have to post another bail during the series of hearing (my prev attorney screwed up). In the proceeding, Allen recommended going through the criminal path (by *not* pleading guilty due to insanity / mental illness) - that was a good call. He told me the strategy for my wife by staying out of trouble, visiting psychiatric and lengthen the hearing. Looking back, he made all the right call... Thank you Allen.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Not professional at all. Treat client disrespectful. If you been accused, he will treat you as criminals too.

    I hired him in 2005. Had a very bad experience on his mind game. Sweet talk to you first to get you retain and after that 180 degree cold on you. Late on scheduled meetings, left the trial strategies for the investigator -as if your case is too small and would not bring any fame for him, don't prep you before trial, never discussed about the pros and cons, wrote the closing statement while the DA presented her closing, etc. Once he thinks you are guilty, he would not side and help you at all. Very hard to work with. He is not courteous or friendly or treat you equally as he thinks you are criminal period. Don't waste your money in him. He would never be on your side, fight hard enough for your freedom.