Where do I begin? Let's try to make a long, painful story, short; my husband and I filed for divorce. My husband filed with the court, and hired an attorney right away. I was leary of hiring an attorney, because I didn't want to have to waste thousands of dollars. Too late. $6K later, I was awarded minimul child support, and spousal support going off of my OLD wages, from a job I had a year ago, prior the divorce. The divorce is not final, and I see no end in sight. My husband has the house, all the assets, including cars and toys. I have a high rent payment in a crappy apartment, that I struggle to pay each month. Emails sent to my attorney went unanswered for weeks. I would get an email from the opposing party with my attorney noting at the bottom, "how would you like to proceed?" I thought that was what I was paying you for?! We originally agreed on me paying a $1500 retainer (which was paid for) and $300/mo. being automatically drafted after that. If that was the case, why am I being charged interest, and my account showing 30/60 days past due? I'm overwhelmed, disappointed, and even more confused than when this all started. And don't forget the $6K in debt that will take me years to pay off. I should have stuck with my gut, and represented myself; I would have been out the gas money it would have costed me to get to court. I think my breaking point was when my attorney's assistant charged me $50 to drive to court, and $50 to drive home from court. Really?? Mr. Bacinett assured me mutliple times I had a strong case. He also told me during the first meeting that his business worked off of referrals. My referral; don't hire Stan Bacinett.