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David Michael Kramer

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  • Out of status F1 visa holder. Getting married

    I have been in the US for 6 months. My sponsor decided not to support me financially anymore and didn't even pay for my tuition last semester. The school I'm attending adviced me that if I don't get a new sponsor, I will fall out of status and wil...

    David’s Answer

    Dear AVVO Client:

    Unfortunately you can't force your sponsor to pay your tuition fee. If you can no longer attend school, you will fall out of status and be subject to removal from the U.S. There are options available to you, however to be reinstated to student status based on your circumstances and even to obtain a work permit it part-time employment will enable you to afford to resume your studies. If your girlfriend is a U.S citizen and you decide to get married, you can remain in the U.S and apply for your green card even though you become illegal.

    I recommend scheduling an appointment to discuss these options further.


    David M. Kramer
    Attorney at Law

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