I came to Linda in hopes that she would represent me in the medical negligence case of my disabled sister who died. She told me she'd have to evaluate the medical record before making a decision and said that she uses a company called "RecordReform." She said that I needed to contact them and send them the records. So I did. I went online, uploaded all the records and then heard nothing. I contacted RecordReform and they said they don't deal with the public directly, that the payment had to come from the lawyer. So I contacted Linda and she said she'd cover it if I sent her a check for $300. I had always heard you never pay a contingency lawyer up front for anything, but I was desperate for a lawyer to take my case. Weeks went by and I heard nothing from Linda or RecordReform. I started emailing RR to see what was going on, and he said he'd look into it. After four emails to him, he still never looked into it. Then a month or so later, I got my cancelled check...so I knew Linda had at least cashed it.

I wrote to her to see what was going on and after a bit of time she finally wrote back and said that she had had my report for some time but had gone on vacation.

Meanwhile, I only have a year to file my case, and she's taking her time responding, and then going on vacation. She did not keep me informed about what was going on with my case, did not tell me she had paid RecordReform, and then when my report was ready, she didn't tell me that, instead going on vacation.

When I complained, she took a very bad attitude with me, like it was all my fault.

She sent me the evaluation of my sister's records (which is done by doctors in INDIA), and it was laughable. Not only was it incomplete (they didn't even mention the two drugs that led to my sister's death), they got the timeline out of order.

Linda then based her opinion on whether to take my case on this erroneous report. She said she would not take my case because the report showed that the hospital had done nothing wrong, that my sister had not "fallen through the cracks."

Funny, I now have one of the top lawyers in the state representing me who thinks I have a great case. I was also turned down by several other lawyers who thought I had a case, but could not accept it due to California's MICRA law.