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Jeffrey Andrew Rager

Jeffrey Rager’s client reviews

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  • Jeff Rager -- An Amazing Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jeff is, without question, the most passionate, hardworking, ethical and competent attorney I have ever met. We retained him to file a lawsuit against a $53 billion/ year company that went on to hire an army of lawyers from two national law firms to represent them. (This company has been sued multiple times before for similar unethical and retaliatory behavior, and they have repeatedly won most of those previous cases against them.)

    For 4 years, we fought this Goliath and their horde of unethical attorneys who repeatedly coached their witnesses to lie under oath. Although the defendant spent millions of dollars to try and keep our case from going to trial, thanks to Jeff's persistence, hard work and legal expertise, we finally went to trial in the summer of 2015-- just Jeff, his partner, and me against the defendant's legion of attorneys (at times, there were as many as 10 of their attorneys in the courtroom). Despite the great odds against us in fighting an unethical foe with unlimited funds and their "big name" attorneys, and despite all of their dirty tricks, we prevailed at our jury trial.

    Going up against this giant and powerful organization, and its horde of attorneys, was one of the most stressful experiences I have ever gone through. But through the entire 4-year battle, Jeff was there to encourage and support us. For months, as the trial date approached, and during the trial itself, he worked on our hugely complex case 7 days a week, often staying up until the wee hours of the morning to prepare for trial. His devotion, commitment, passion, and kindness carried us through some very challenging and scary moments during those 4 years, including the many times when we felt that we could no longer go on with our lawsuit against this Goliath.

    I really can't say enough positive things about Jeff. If he believes in the merits of your case and accepts you as his client, you can be assured that nobody will work harder, more passionately, or more competently on your behalf than Jeff. He is an exceptional attorney, a kind and caring human being, and, quite frankly, a giant-slayer. I will never forget his courage and self-confidence in going up against the army of aggressive lawyers hired by the defendant. His quiet, calm, and humble demeanor in court was such a contrast to the malicious, dishonest and manipulative behavior of the attorneys on the other side. He fought on our behalf for more than 4 years, and even when the odds seemed stacked against us, he continued to fight for us. (When the jury rendered its verdict in our favor, you could see the disbelief on the faces of the defendant's arrogant attorneys....)

    Jeff is a credit to a profession that is often not viewed very favorably. He is honest, ethical, extremely knowledgeable, and once he accepts a case, he will work himself to the point of exhaustion to seek justice on behalf of his clients.

    He will always remain a hero to me and my family, and we will forever be grateful to him.

  • Jeff Rager - Epic Hero Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I had been laid off for reasons i suspected were discriminatory, and after speaking with Jeff, realized how clear cut and awful the whole thing was. Jeff and his staff were thorough in their discovery, and found a trail of double talk and attempts to keep the all the mistakes under the rug.

    Jeff and his staff were considerate, determined, professional, and personable.
    They had mountains of paperwork thrown at them, and still managed to pull from that the picture that proved our case right.

    Jeff fought hard to bring the other party to justice.
    Although we did not go to trial, and we really wanted to get our case to court, Jeff also knew when it was time to compromise. Our situation at that time was tricky, and Jeff's wisdom and guidance got us to a settlement that was more than satisfactory.

    If there were such a thing as a Super Hero in the court-world of litigation, it would be Jeff. He is everything you want in a lawyer, an ally, or someone you can trust 100 percent.

    Jeff is my first, best recommendation.

  • California attorney Jeff Rager

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Termination client

    Mr. Jeff Rager handled my employment case, in a very professional and honest matter. He kept me informed and up to date with every part of my case. I was an employee for a major hospital for 33 years as a nurse with a clean record and was force to resign, for something that could have been worked out and rectified. Jeff along with another lawyer worked very hard for me. The Rager law firm is a very caring and understanding law firm. Mr. Rager was very thorough with all the evidence and did a terrific job to bring the other parties to justice. In the end, I had a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Rager to anyone who needs a superb lawyer.

  • Jeff was Great!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Meghan Riva (Strzelczyk)

    Hiring a lawyer is never an easy decision; I felt so confused at that time and was unsure if anyone would believe my story of work place harassment/discrimination. Jeff made me feel comfortable that I was making the right decision. From the start he was honest about the case, I never once felt that I was in the dark about my chances and was well informed of the risks. I know how hard he worked with the help of another lawyer who also fought hard for me. I was more than pleased with the settlement I received and was relieved I did not have to go to trial. They presented a case that the other side knew they would lose. There were far too much evidence and that was because of the work of Jeff and the other lawyer, together they were a fantastic team because they are fantastic on their own. I felt so lucky to have these two on my side! I hope to never again have to deal with a situation like that again, but if I did I would not hesitate to use them again!

  • Workplace discrimination

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joannie

    My case was highly emotional as I had worked as a nurse at the same hospital for twenty-five years when I was forced to resign. Jeff and his staff worked relentlessly, keeping me informed and part of the process throughout the duration of my case. In the end, I had a favorable outcome. Since the resolution of my case, I have referred others to Mr. Rager as I thorougly trust him. You can too. He will do right by you.

  • Jeff Rager - Best friend to have in your court

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Wrongful Termination client

    Mr. Jeff Rager handled a wrongful termination case for me when I was terminated for "Reduction in Force" reasons in the construction industry. Age and gender discrimination were factors along with an outstanding bonus that my former employers did not want to pay. After seven years with the firm providing extraordinary results, less qualified younger males were retained while I was terminated. This was the most stressful time in my life, but Mr. Rager's calm, determined manner gave me hope and helped focus my energies into re-establishing my career. Mr. Rager went to work on the legal remedy.

    On my behalf, Mr. Rager sued the firm which was operating under several names and several of the individual officers on different counts. We obtained a favorable EEOC determination. Mr. Rager explained each approach with me and solicited my buy-in for each one. I felt like I had control and input into this process. He explained how the system works and the probable timeline. He introduced me to his associates which included his legal secretary, the forensic accountant, psychiatrist and other attorney who made some of the minor appearances. The experts he used were knowledgeable and normal personalities, always professional.

    Mr. Rager kept me informed on proceedings and was a stalwart supporter during my depositions. Mr. Rager knew my case so much better than the defendant’s attorneys which was quite evident during his masterful depositions of my former supervisors and executives. Those former bosses who had made the wrongful termination decisions were squirming and thoroughly sweating it as Mr. Rager made it clear what they had done or when they weren’t being truthful. Also, Mr. Rager did not give up hope of settlement. The first court-ordered mediation went nowhere. My former employer, their insurance company and the various attorneys could not agree on much of anything, plus they hadn’t been involved. Frankly, I didn’t hold much hope in the second mediation either that was a last-ditch effort before the court date. But Mr. Rager had pushed for a mediator he had good experience with and after 8 or 10 hours we were able to come to an agreement. My former employers were in shock – they claimed they had never settled before for more than a few thousand dollars. I have no doubt that Mr. Rager would have represented my interests very well in court. He is polished yet genuine, very smart but without being cocky. His manner and approach are forthright and I think that any jury would find Mr. Rager easy to understand and listen to. Mr. Rager and I had discussed settlement including amounts and risk. For me, this was the right decision. Mr. Rager said he would have loved to try the case, which I believe him. It would have been great to publicly expose that employer’s despicable actions. But there is always a risk, and the settlement amount was very generous, mainly due to the facts and their fear factor because of Mr. Rager’s reputation and previous jury awards.

    I have worked with several other attorneys and firms in the course of my career in the construction industry so am familiar with a breadth of styles and capabilities. I would use Mr. Jeff Rager again and highly recommend him to others. He exemplifies the word advocate.

  • California attorney Jeff Rager

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    Honest, trustworthy, and professional are just a few words to describe The Rager Law Firm. I was unfortunately part of an injustice the past few years and needed an attorney to fight for me. To say that I'm glad I found this law firm is an understatement, they are everything an outstanding law firm needs to be. Since I hired Jeff Rager as my lawyer, he was attentive to my concerns. Jeff Rager was very thorough with all the evidence and did an outstanding job in bringing the other parties to justice. He fought for me very firmly to bring me the results that were merited. I highly recommended this law firm to anyone who needs a super lawyer. Attorneys like Jeff Rager are essential in obtaining justice in today's legal system.

  • The Real Deal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Lawsuits & Disputes client

    Jeff Rager is the real deal. I never thought I would need a lawyer, but I did. Thank goodness I got a recommendation for Jeff. He explained the process, communicated throughout, and finally got me to the end result. All the while, staying a human being and seeing me as one too. That is priceless!

  • Honest, trustworthy attorney. Passionate about his work while maintaining compassion for his clients!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Employment client

    I have been healthcare professional for over 20 years, with very good performance reviews and never a discipline. In 2008, I was hastily terminated from my job and deprived of a chance to even defend myself on accusations set forth about my performance. The accusations were without merit and the investigation the company pursued lacked completeness. You can imagine my shock and devastation coming to work one day and leaving unemployed an hour later.

    Some of my co-workers were in disbelief and advised I seek legal advice. Something I would not have considered and knew nothing about. I had no idea how to go about even finding the right attorney for representation.

    It was then that I learned of Mr. Rager’s status as an honest, trustworthy attorney.

    After meeting with Mr. Rager, and discussing my case, we felt confident that he could help me.

    Jeff Rager is a man with high integrity who is professional, knowledgeable and incredibly personable. He is always responsive to his client’s needs. As his client, his replies to me either by phone or email were always quick, no matter how trivial the question. He is down to earth and always told me where I stood in the case as well as make recommendations on how to proceed.

    Mr. Rager stands passionate about his job and compassionate when helping those who are wronged in the employment industry.

    His approach in the courtroom is exemplary; always being cognizant of his appearance and presentation while maintaining respect for all court members, including the witnesses, and fellow attorneys. No matter which side they are on!

    As a professional myself and being unable to obtain employment for 16 months, I became depressed and doubting myself. Mr. Rager would not let this happen. He continually inspired trust and confidence in me to go on. He frequently reminded me during my low points, that I executed no wrong-doing to warrant my dismissal from my job.

    Mr. Rager had never faltered in his believability of me nor the case at hand. He even went above and beyond in trying to assist me in finding new employment.

    I highly recommend Mr. Rager. With his expertise in employment law, I could not have asked for a more caring and competent attorney.

  • Physician Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Attorney Rager is a gifted investigator, detective and litigator. His astute attention to detail and innate understanding of law, combined with his mastery of business administration makes him an unbeatable force in both personal and corporate forums. Attorney Rager is very personable, professional and capable and never wavers or retreats from the opposition. Whether you need to take on a Corporate Giant, HMO or Small Business Owner, Attorney Jeffrey Andrew Rager is you man!