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Max Benjamin Gorby

Max Gorby’s client reviews

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  • Don't use!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Max didn't help my case and I ended up having to do things on my own. Very unprofessional and not prepared.

  • Saved me from being deported after a fight with my boyfriend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Natasha

    I got in a fight with my boyfriend and he called the cops on me. When the cops came out they took his side and I got arrested. I was so scared I was going to be deported. After calling a few different lawyers, I picked Max because he said he would be the one who would go to court with me not some lawyer I didn't know. I was so scared the day I had court but Max made me feel a lot better. I couldn't believe how it turned out, I wasn't deported, and I didn't even have to take classes. Max is the best! I would strongly recommend!

  • Thank God we called Max Gorby

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Domestic Violence client

    My husband and I were in Cal on vacation. We ended up drinking a little too much and got into a fight and I called the police. He went to jail on a domestic violence charge. Due to the fact that he had 2 felony charges from a long time ago they wanted to charge him with a third strike. I called Max Gorby late Friday evening. He took my call and scheduled an appointment on Saturday. His co-attorney Nicole met me there promptly at 2:00 and Max arrived shortly there after. They explained everything to me and told me they were going to try to get the charges dropped. Monday was a holiday so we went to court on Tuesday morning. Needless to say I was very nervous and anytime I called or texted Mr. Gorby he responded right away. He also drove from Santa Monica to Orange to visit my husband on Sunday afternoon!!!! On Tuesday morning he went into the DA's office and within 2 hours the charges had been dropped. I would recommend this attorney to anyone. He is fast, smart and knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure a positive outcome. I am so happy I called him and my husband and I are able to move forward. If you need a smart and effective attorney definitely call him. Our charge was in Orange but Mr. Gorby had no problem coming there to help us. Thank you again Max and Nicole.

  • Thank you Mr.Gorby!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sara

    We had a Halloween party at my house then (long story short) I got pulled over for drunk driving. I got arrested for (ready for it) 1. Uninsured driver, I had insurance but couldn't find my card. 2. Drunk in public which I wasn't at all 3. Driving under the influence they impounded my car and ruined my Halloween. A friend of mine had used Mr.Gorby before and recommended him. I got off on all the charges thank god and thanks to Mr.Gorby all I had to pay was his fees and minor for impound fees for my car.

  • saved me from jail!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by curtis

    Last year, I went out for my birthday and had too much too drink. After I got in the car, I made a wide turn and crashed my car onto someone's front lawn. I tore up the homeowner's bushes and garden. Luckily I didn't hit anyone, but since I had a previous DUI, the judge was pissed off. They wanted to send me to jail, but after going to court a few times, Max saved me from more jail time. I really owe him!