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Mark K. Smallhouse

Mark Smallhouse’s Legal Guides

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  • NING Trusts-Nevada’s Cure for High State Income Taxes

    Taxpayers in high state income tax states such as California can reduce the imposition of state income taxes on investment portfolios that are transferred to a Nevada Incomplete Gift Non-Grantor (NING

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  • Using a Nevada LLC to Protect your Personal Assets

    Nevada unlike other states, allows LLCs to be established for non-business purposes. This provides an opportunity that is not allowed by other states to asset protect Nevada and non-Nevada residents

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  • Asset Protection for Nevada Business Owners

    Many business owners do not take appropriate measures to protect their personal wealth from business liabilities until that wealth is in jeopardy. Once you are involved in a lawsuit or being pursued b

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  • Using LLC’s to Hold Vacation Homes and Personal Use Property

    Nevada, unlike almost all other states, allows limited liability companies (LLCs), to be established for non-business purposes.Specifically, a Nevada LLC can be used for any lawful purpose and can be used to provide asset protection and as a means for managing and controlling not...

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  • Business Owners' Guide to Avoid Being Taken to Court

    Draft Invoices and Contracts to Prevent Legal Problems Your business’ invoices and contracts provide important opportunities for you to prevent legal problems, and to tip the balance of any dispute i

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