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Virginia Louise Hunt

Virginia Hunt’s Legal Guides

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  • 3 Types of Money Awards in Nevada Workers' Compensation Cases

    Injured workers may get 3 types of money awards under Nevada workers' compensation law: (1) the permanent partial disability award; (2) a vocational rehabilitation lump sum buy-out; and (3) a settlement negotiated by attorneys to end litigation. Not all injured workers will qualify for each type.

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  • Is It a Waste of Money Hiring an Attorney to Handle My Nevada Work Comp Claim?

    Decide What You Need- Information, representation, or both. All injured workers need reliable information about their rights, what to do, and what not to do following a work accident. Many attorneys

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  • What to Do When The Insurer Investigates Your Nevada Work Comp Claim

    Determine Why the Insurer is Investigating Your Claim If the insurer decides to first investigate your claim, an adjuster will probably contact you by phone about two weeks after you file a C-4 Clai

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  • What Happens to Your Nevada Worker's Comp Benefits If You Are Fired

    Q: Will I still be able to see a doctor if I am fired while working temporary light duty? A: Absolutely. Your right to obtain medical treatment should not be affected at all if your employer fires yo

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  • How to Reopen a Closed Nevada Workers' Compensation Claim

    Know what your reopening rights are for your particular claim Only injured workers who received a permanent partial disability award (PPD), or who received temporary total disability benefits while

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  • How To Contest a PPD Award in Nevada

    Know How a PPD Award is Determined in Nevada There are three variables that determine the amount of money the insurer offers as the PPD award. The first is the injured worker's average monthly wage.

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  • How to Contest Your Nevada PPD Award

    Learn how awards are determined A permanent partial disability award (PPD award) in Nevada is based on 3 factors: 1) the percentage of impairment found by the assigned rating doctor at the evaluation

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