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Ross Carl Goodman

Ross Goodman’s Legal Guides

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  • 5 Common Laws Violated by Tourists in Las Vegas

    Even if you are just a tourist in Las Vegas, Nevada, the same law applies to you. You need to comply with all the Nevada state laws and local orders in Las Vegas during your stay in the city. If you

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  • 3 Defenses for Unpaid Casino Markers

    Here are the 3 common defenses for unpaid casino marker charges 1. Invalid Marker It is possible that the casino has given the person an invalid marker. This is the reason why lawyers also use this a

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  • 3 Faulty DUI Cases that May Happen to You

    We are aware that not all DUI charges are true. Sometimes, the mistakes come from the authorities themselves or from the statements of other people. Here are some cases of faulty DUI charges that we f

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  • False Allegations Related to Domestic Violence

    It is normal for a couple or family to argue from time to time. But there are cases when one of the people involved in the argument files criminal charges against the other person. Not all domesti

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  • Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment

    False imprisonment charges are common in domestic violence. Its penalties are harsh and the worst case scenario, is that it could lead to an imprisonment of not more than 15 years, plus fines and paym

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  • Stalking in Las Vegas, Nevada

    Stalking in Las Vegas Nevada is a serious crime. People disregard it, due to the fact that it seems to pose no harm until a crime is already committed. What people should know is that Stalking can be

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  • DUI Charges Can Change Your Life

    People make mistakes as life goes on, and getting arrested for DUI and spending that lonely night in jail is just the beginning. DUI is a very serious offense and can be punishable with jail time (laws differ from state to state ref:

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