Written by attorney Ross Carl Goodman

DUI Charges Can Change Your Life

People make mistakes as life goes on, and getting arrested for DUI and spending that lonely night in jail is just the beginning.

DUI is a very serious offense and can be punishable with jail time (laws differ from state to state and a hefty amount in fines. These penalties can have devastating effects on people’s private and professional lives.


Criminal records can change a person’s way of living and can change a life entirely. After getting a DUI record, a person can have a difficult time getting a job that involves travelling or working in the government. Most employers can get a background check done on a prior offender and can pull out criminal records with relative ease. You can also be ordered to go to a Alcohol Rehabilitation class. These classes are mandatory and can be expensive.

In addition to the legal penalties and punishment, there are other consequences a person can go through, like difficulty in renting a car, or finding a new apartment/house.

Changing for the good

People who had their first offense will never want another one, so here are some ways you can avoid getting a second DUI arrest

· Get that drink when you are safe at home.

· Only go to parties if you have a designated driver

· Know more about the BAC level (Blood Alcohol Count) in Las Vegas, NV

· Know that some drinks obviously contain more alcohol than others

· Go for drinks that are diluted and avoid binge drinking

Always remember that drinking and driving is always a bad idea. Not only are you putting your life in danger but also your passengers and other innocent motorists.

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