My husband is deployed to Afghanistan and I needed legal advice and possibly legal assistance. I visited Michael Farro's office with a couple of questions and was "greeted" by a woman at the front desk. I told her I was seeking advice/counseling and she looked at me like I had something growing out of my forehead. I brushed that off. I suspected that lawyers, because I have visited with two here in Sierra Vista for matters other than this, have an open door for one free consultation where you can seek legal advice. Apparently assuming was the wrong thing to do. I said, "I guess you're looking for me to explain why I have come here." (which I don't think was any of her business) She said, "Yeah. Mr. Farro only deals with certain cases. Is this domestic or criminal?" I replied, "Domestic." And she waited for me to go on so I then proceeded to tell her why I was seeking legal counsel. She rudely turned me away, saying I have no rights to what I was inquiring about, and that I must wait for my husband to come back to be spoken to. When I brought up an Arizona law that is in place to protect deployed Service Members, and asked nicely what did that mean, she ROLLED her eyes at me as if I was an idiot or incompetent. She did tell me it was his policy to not speak to the spouse in these cases, which I suppose I can understand he can't DO anything for me legally, but could have still spoken with me to tell me that himself. My husband is in a war zone and looking for answers to questions THROUGH me. She was the rudest person I have ever met in a business capacity. I sought legal counsel from a LAWYER, not the lady who does paperwork at the front desk. Needless to say, when my husband returns WE ( and I emphasis "we" because my husband and I are a unit, a family head, and they treated half of this family head SO poorly) WILL NOT be utilizing him.