Do your research! I was charged with a DUI in Jan 2011 (even though I was under .08) and retained the services of this law office. I never saw Corso after the initial sales pitch, which was good...he got my $5K out of me. I met Rhude at my 1st court date which he was late to. Then I wasn't able to speak with either of them nor did I see either of them for the rest of my case. I primarily dealt with James who I think is a paralegal, or an intern, I'm not really sure. I heard him tell the secretary to tell me he wasn't there one of the times I called. My attorneys were repeatedly late to my court appearances. I had to constantly call to get status updates on my case through the aggravating process of leaving multiple messages before a call back. They even called me one time to prep me for a court date that had been cancelled. You would think your attorney would be the first to know about those changes. Despite the general lack of professionalism and inability to speak to anyone over the phone I was pleased that they were able to work out the one issue I was concerned with through the plea agreement. I wasn't worried about the felony or jail time but they were able to get my time down significantly and once off probation can petition to have it dropped to a misdemeanor. Then I get a letter Friday about the one area I was concerned about, wouldn't you know that fell through somehow. I would have taken it to trial had I thought this was going to happen. Of course I have left a message but I know how this song and dance goes. I feel like I got hosed. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Maybe I'll feel different if I get a call back and they fix this (without charging me more) but I'm not holding my breath on that. If they do I'll update and leave a better review but we'll see. $5K might not be much money to them but it is to me and I feel like I just gave it to them so I could get what I would have gotten through a public defender anyway.