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Thomas Murphy’s client reviews

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  • His Agenda vs. Client's... YOU LOSE!!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Thomas Murphy is a clever orator, he knows how to convince and effectively influence others to win and get his way, unfortunately ethics and the concept of right and wrong conduct do not enter the equation. He can manipulate and outmaneuver other people and appear to win an argument but it is all a sham, an illusion, a word spell cast on our minds but most people can't see it for what it is. He believes his own bullshit and spreads lies as if they were truth because he has no correct, solid, firmly grounded foundation in truth and morality. One might opine that these are merely the tools of a professional lawyer and that they are utilized to promote success and survival within our legal system but it is my own personal opinion that when we hand ourselves over to this evil power we let it use us. There is a universal greater than ourselves and any other person and when we choose to manipulate the truth based on personal motivation and gain we remain ignorant of these negative inner capacities and the outer ramifications. I cannot in good conscience recommend this attorney on any level, to do so would be conformity with fallacy rather than the substantive truth and good. He made claim that a conclusion was false without benefit of looking into it honestly, without curiosity, critical thinking or an objective detachment and as a result innocent children were harmed. To me this demonstrated that his logic is not real logic but instead only rhetoric. He chose to ignore the truth and sidetrack the issue because his primary focus was on the presentation, appearance and receptivity of his message instead of putting value in the truth first. I got lost in wasted time trying to convince Thomas Murphy that the truth speaks for itself, instead he lead me down a twisted winding road in an attempt to convince me of his deluded concept of justice.

    Inevitably it is my own fault for not looking more extensively into his background and history of issues with prior probate clients but I was in a state of duress at the time, hopefully others will be encouraged to investigate more fully and avoid the same pitfalls.

  • Not a good choice

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Probate client

    Tom has had 8 complaints filed with the AZ Bar in the last three years (after 3 years, complaints are expunged). All were dismissed by the Bar, including ours. We ended up going to another attorney to successfully complete our estate settlement. Our concerns included commitments made and not kept, and poor communication with us and opposing counsel.

  • Does NOT fight City Hall

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    In my mother's probate and I was the benefactor of a Trust, Murphy faced a unique and nigh impossible situation. I guess I should not complain as I financially did well, but he made very important decisions on his own and played very annoying games.