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State v A.E.

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: Absolutely not guilty on all counts!

Description: Lake Havasu Justice Court, August 2009. Client charged with all counts of DUI,extreme DUI, and Super-extreme DUI. Blood test from state crime lab was.22. Client was riding on an ATV around the dock area when the vehicle crashed and she was injured. State alleged that she was the driver. Client couldn't remember. Offer before trial was to plead guilty and do 45 days in jail. Case went to trial by jury and I successfully argued that the State and COP had failed to prove that she was the driver and criticized them for not calling the other person on the ATV. State blood analyst admitted that the client's blood could have been switched with someone else's. Jury out less than 1 hour. Verdict was NOT GUILTY as to all counts.

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