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  1. What is the best day of the month to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy so that the trustee doesn't take wages.

    Answered 17 days ago.

    1. Harold E Campbell III
    2. Stuart M Nachbar
    3. Diane L Drain
    4. Robert W Gambrell
    5. Dorothy G Bunce
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    Here is the Arizona answer. There is no best day. Generally, you want to file when the least amount of wages are due to you, e.g. if you file the day before your get your paycheck, 2-3 weeks will be due. If you file the day after you get your check, either one week or nothing is due. You really need to consult with your attorney as this is a very fact specific question. And you must beware of having any of your paycheck remaining when you file, as the trustee is entitled to any funds you...

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  2. Need help witha bankruptcy cant pay alot down

    Answered 4 days ago.

    1. Harold E Campbell III
    2. Diane L Drain
    3. Kendall David Coffman
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    Most bankruptcy lawyers do not charge a consultation fee to evaluate your situation. I know my firm does not. The important thing is to meet with an experienced attorney (not a paralegal or "car salesman" like some firms use) to look at your individual situation, and advise you of all of your options, both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy. You will then have the necessary information needed so you can make the appropriate informed decision on what is right for you. Fees are discussed at this...

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  3. Bankruptcy

    Answered 17 days ago.

    1. Harold E Campbell III
    2. Brett Lorin Wittner
    3. Stuart M Nachbar
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    Brett Wittner's answer is correct. You are now solely responsible for the debt and the mortgage is still a lien on your house. You should see a local attorney to go over the legal ramifications of this, in both a bankruptcy and a non-bankruptcy context. Both my partner Scott Coombs and myself offer a free consultation in this area. You may want to come see us to go over your options.

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  4. How can I minimize the amount I will owe the bankruptcy trustee if my case cannot be filed the day after payday?

    Answered 13 days ago.

    1. Douglas Garth Edmunds
    2. Harold E Campbell III
    3. Wayne B Mortensen
    4. Diane L Drain
    5. Blake Owen Brewer
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    This is a question your attorney will be best able to answer based on the individual facts of your case. Please make sure that you hire an experienced local attorney who will work on your case him or herself and not a discount factory who pawns off all the work to secretaries.

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  5. What can the banks do to recover unsecured credit card debt if I own a home and one small property?

    Answered 7 days ago.

    1. Brian N Spector
    2. Andrew S. Nemeth
    3. Harold E Campbell III
    4. Diane L Drain
    5. James R Tschudy
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    The Comments from my learned colleagues about the judgment are very accurate. The dilemma faced by clients your age are whether to file a bankruptcy or not. If your income is small and you do not have any non-exempt assets, you are what we call “judgment proof”, meaning even if a judgment is obtained against you, they will never be able to collect. Many of my senior clients who are judgment proof still file bankruptcy because it is a quality of life issue. Even if the creditor cannot collect,...

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  6. Should my husband and I file for bankruptcy before we file for divorce?

    Answered 14 days ago.

    1. Robert W Gambrell
    2. John R Gaertner
    3. Andrew S. Nemeth
    4. Andrew M Ellis
    5. Angela Mestre
    6. ···
    7 lawyer answers

    Yes, this is definitely something you and your husband should explore. As you can see, local attorneys in both family law (Goetner) and bankruptcy (Nemeth) both agree here. As a bankruptcy specialist, I receive many referrals from divorce attorneys. This is because during a divorce, one thing the court must decide is how to divide up who will be paying the debts incurred during the marriage. If a chapter 7 bankruptcy is appropriate, all the debt could be discharged so that is one less thing...

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