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David Black

David Black’s Legal Guides

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  • What are the penalties for a first time DUI in Arizona.

    This guide discusses the potential consequences for a DUI conviction in Arizona. From penalties associated with the Motor Vehicle Division to Ignition Interlock Devices to possible Jail Time, everything is on the table. This guide should alleviate some of the anxiety associated with a DUI ticket.

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  • Major Steps In The Criminal Trial Process In Maricopa County

    The following list of court settings describes the major phases of a felony prosecution (and defense) in Maricopa County Superior Court.

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  • Top Tips for Avoiding a DUI Conviction

    What can I do to prevent a DUI conviction? Steps for before, during, and after a potential arrest for DUI in Arizona. DUI arrests are very draining. Here are some simple rules for avoiding one, or for dealing with one after arrest.

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