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  • Proposed Spousal Maintenance Bill in Colorado

    Spousal maintenance is what the rest of us call Alimony (sometimes also called Palimony). A court generally awards maintenance in order to find common financial ground between the two parties based on the couples past earnings. Maintenance is intended to be a substitute for mari...

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  • Child Support Guidelines are quirkier than you think

    In Colorado, child support guidelines are based on a complicated calculation.It isnt worth trying to calculate child support without the proper software even for an experienced attorney or mathematician.The child support calculator software is used in virtually every case wher...

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  • A Bankruptcy overview from Van Der Jagt Law Firm's "Bankruptcy Squad"

    The stigma of filing bankruptcy has long been perceived as negative; however, bankruptcy can lead to a fresh start for a better future.Bankruptcy Court is the largest court in the world. The two types of bankruptcy for most individuals are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.Your attorney...

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  • The Modern American Family: A Change in Immigration Law

    The Modern American Family: A Change in Immigration Law There is a proposed change to U.S. immigration law that may have a very large effect on modern American families.The proposed change would allow an undocumented alien that entered the U.S. illegally to become a resident wit...

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  • Parental Abduction

    A growing trend, which I have noticed generally tends to occur most with 4 years old during the Summer months (July in particular) is the tendency for parents to move out of state without the permission of the other parent with the intent to permanently deprive the other parent of custodial rights.

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  • Is there any financial motivation for Social Services to separate me from my kids?

    Lack of transparency, accuracy, and due process with Social Services It appears that the current trend is for Social Services to blame inaccurate reports on "training issues". It is easy to see why t

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  • When considering divorce, should I leave the house?

    See an attorney who is familiar with real estate-related divorces It is extremely important that at this stage you go to see an attorney who can assess your entire situation. Do NOT talk about divor

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