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Jerry Norton Snyder

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    Posted by a Family client

    You can do a lot better for the money

    If you have a smooth, amicable divorce with no issues, you'll be fine. He is very detail oriented and focused on the Letter of the Law. The Spirit of the Law, Justice and Fairness are not of much concern to him, whether they apply to you, or your ex. He is peaceful, dislikes confrontation and will avoid it, even if it is to your disadvantage in Court. He is less concerned with your serious distress than a quick resolution, not necessarily favorable to you. Lack of clarity in original divorce decree re alimony resulted in more than a decade of overpayment, running into many thousands of dollars. and a need to return to Court to modify. Indifferent to changes of circumstance. May be condescending and rude to client. Questioning his logic and reasoning because of lack of understanding resulted in unprofessional and petty, childish conduct. Disregarded dangerous behavior of ex spouse, and dismissed it as irrelevant. A truly upright and decent man and gentleman of the old school who does not seem to grasp that opposing ex and counsel may not be decent at all, and possibly to your peril. Truly first class, outstanding paralegals and office staff. Of course all the above is personal opinion and not worth the paper it's printed on.