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Cheryl A Miller

Cheryl Miller’s client reviews

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  • Cheryl Miller Helped me Save our Marriage

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dr. Jim Eller

    Hired Attorney

    In 2014 I retained Cheryl Miller to help restore our marriage, selecting her based on her reputation and because I felt a female attorney would have a better understanding of my wife's perspective on the causes of our separation -- something I never saw coming. As a pre-requisite, Cheryl said she would only accept me as a client if I signed an agreement that I would carefully follow her instructions. I signed that letter and followed her advice. That was a good decision.

    Cheryl was not judgmental when helping me face the reality that there were things that I had done to contribute to the separation; I needed that. She listens to her clients, gives excellent advice, and as mentioned above, does not pass judgment -- she supports her clients. Ultimately, I would not have made it through those difficult months without her help. I am a recently-retired college professor with an earned doctorate, and consider myself a pretty good judge of character. Selecting Cheryl demonstrates that.

    At the moment of my greatest need, Cheryl was there for me. I followed her advice to the letter and our family was restored.

    This past October 2nd. 2015, my first and only wife and I celebrated our 50th anniversary! We are happier now and getting along better than we have in years. As the word of this event spread on Face Book, literally 100's of people around the country expressed their congratulations to us for making it to this historic occasion. It amazes me to this day how one really good, caring person and attorney, can have such a powerful and wide-ranging impact on the lives of others; starting with us. We would never have made it to the 50th without her help.

    Thank you Cheryl Miller. I hope this reference helps others to seek your help and guidance no matter what they are going through; I am sure that they will be blessed as we have been.

    Respectfully, with sincere appreciation for all that you have done for us;

    Dr. Jim Eller, Castle Rock, Colorado.
    Recently Retired from the Communication Studies Department at Metro State University of Denver.

  • The BEST Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lori

    Hired Attorney

    Cheryl Miller was my strength and my support during the hellacious year of 2013. She was always supportive and accommodating to me, even as I battled cancer, underwent surgeries and chemo, lost my health insurance, lost my job, and fought a brutal divorce.

    There are some people you meet in life, whether professionally or personally, and you just know they are genuine, honest, and you want them on your side. It can be a very overwhelming task trying to find the right lawyer to represent you, but when I consulted with Cheryl, I knew right away that she would be an exceptional attorney.

    Her expertise and knowledge allowed her to deal with the complexities of my case, while letting me rest in the comfort of knowing I could put my energy towards fighting this disease.

    Cheryl was always quick with a response to my many questions and offered comprehensible explanations to the legal verbiage that was sometimes difficult to understand.

    During temporary orders hearing and permanent orders hearing, Cheryl was composed, extremely well spoken, professional, always had my best interest at heart, and held the utmost personal commitment to integrity at all times.

    Cheryl was an amazing advocate for me during this year-long divorce battle, and I walked away with more in my favor than I could have ever hoped for. But Cheryl’s support didn’t end just because the last court date did. Cheryl was still right there by my side giving me direction on how to get the court ordered child support that was not being paid. She went on to give me direction for all the other paper work that needed to be completed. Cheryl was right there continuing to support me as a passionate champion of my interests. She always treated me with the utmost respect and had a genuine concern for how I was feeling through the process. She was a great listener.

    Last year I recommended Cheryl to a friend, and she had the same positive and comforting experience as I did.

    Cheryl is an experienced, honest, astute lawyer who I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone needing legal representation from a lawyer who puts integrity first.

    Your forever grateful client,

  • Exceptional knowledge, personable approach - the best ever!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Hired Attorney

    Cheryl has been very helpful in navigating the intricacies of the legal process. Cheryl drafted a wonderful parenting plan that was acceptable by my co-parent and helped us to find common ground. She has been very insightful and helped me to keep my priorities aligned with my goals, while working through what can be a very emotional process. I "originally" hired a different lawyer which was a BIG mistake, I only wish I had found Cheryl earler! Cheryl has the heart and the brain combination to make her the best family lawyer, if you have the opportunity to hire her, you will be happy that you did!!

  • Exactly what was needed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    Hired Attorney

    During a very difficult time in my life Cheryl guided my divorce process professionally, compassionately & very structured. Cheryl's excellent communication kept me informed & help take some of the stress away. Cheryl's legal guidance was exactly what I needed at such a time where emotions run high. The outcome was more than expected. Thank you Cheryl!

  • At her best during the consultation

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    She was at her best during our consultation. Once I hired her, she backpedaled on things she said before I hired her. I think she would be a great mediator since she's quite knowledgeable. She just didn't have my best interest at heart, didn't fight for me the way I expected from the consult, and didn't listen to what I wanted. Rather, she insisted on very few things which didn't matter to me at all.

  • Superior Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    I can't say enough about Cheryl and her team! I went to her a year ago with a post-divorce issue including parenting time and child safety concerns. Cheryl has not only demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of all areas of law that we dealt with, she is quick and very sharp! She was an advocate for my children throughout this process and I am not dissappointed with the results. She responded promptly to all of my questions and requests. Cheryl would always listen to me and the focus was kept on what was in the best interest of the children. Cheryl was passionate about fighting for me as a client and never gave up on the issues that were important. She referred to several experts for this case and they were all exceptional and very responsive as well. Cheryl did her best at every turn to resolve this case and she did a fantastic job at it. Cheryl-I just can't thank you and your staff enough for your support, responsiveness, care and respect that you showed me throughout this case! Thank you for making a very difficult time in our lives result in a peaceful and complete resolution.