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Lawrence D. Tackett

Lawrence Tackett’s client reviews

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  • Disappointing Service from Mr. Tackett

    1.0 star

    Posted by DWTibbs

    I used Mr. Tackett several years ago on a civil (real estate) matter. He seemed knowledgeable enough but really didn't take care of his business. He farmed out the case to another attorney who, I understand, moved away before the issue was settled. He never provided a copy of our alleged contract, never provided a single account statement, refused to refund any residual retainer, didn't return my calls, letters, emails, failed to inform me that the case had been dismissed (due to a tech. error on the part of the opposing attorney). He just didn't handle his business & didn't take care of his client, me!

  • Non Caring

    1.0 star

    Posted by Alana Trainer

    I had a child custody case. I never heard from him, wouldn't return my calls at a time. Led me to believe I could custody of my son easily but when my ex came on my door step at midnight cussing at my front door or not allowing me to leave a room by blocking it when we had to go to ped. visits mr. tackett completely blew off my concerns. Would always say send me a detailed email but nothing was ever done. Everything my ex wanted he got. My child had spent the night maybe twice at his fathers up until he was a year old. After Mr. tackett told me he firmly believed in the tender year doctrine (cant spend the night till their three) once we were in court he had me sign papers under false pretences as to what they said and when I asked him about the doctrine, he replied "well why should your child get to spend the night with you". Needless to say I walked away screwed and come to find out he told my exs lawyer he thought I was rediculous and that my ex didnt LOOK capable of doing the things I mentioned above. I went with him because I thought he was a good christian lawyer. But PLEASE beware of your "free" consultation. Everything he promises goes out the window once you sign the contract. I was a single mother paying 3500 to try to keep my son out of harms way. Basically I paid mr. tackett to agree with everything my ex wanted and tell me sometimes when a young mother makes a mistake and gets pregnant she has anger. My son will never be a mistake!

  • Good deal or rip off?

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I filed for divorce with Mr. Lawrence Tackett. I was not pleased with his fight for me or my well being. I would not reccomend this lawyed simply because I feel he was only after my money.