Hiring an attorney is the biggest case to whatever you are trying to achieve. I had the unfortunate pleasure dealing with this attorney. There is no communication except email and thats after 3-4 weeks prior asking her a question. We (the clients) put our trust in attorneys to do their job and needless to say she was horrific. She got me fined by the court for paperwork that I turned in early and never told meI was fined because weather she forgot or refused to turn it in. If you are a complete moron, then this woman is the perfect person. If you want someone to fight for you, communicate with you and shows she cares as well as do their job, this woman is FAR from what you are looking for. I wish she fought as much as she was fighting for fees. Buyer be wear!!! I fired her and she had the audacity to start sending documents to opposing counsel 21 minutes after she was terminated and in 10 months, never sent or recieved 1 document. Child endangerment issues, she did nothing. Absolute joke of an attorney!!! Attorney makes or breaks your case and this attorney breaks your case.