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  • If you plead guilty or nolo contendre to a charge and receive deferred adjudication (in Texas), is it considered a conviction?

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    Not if you successfully complete the probation.

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  • How do I deal with a bench warrant issued in TX if I am a British citizen living in the UK

    I have two bench warrants issued for myself in TX. One for Public Intoxication of a minor and one for missing my court appearance. (My visa was due to expire and the court was unable to arrange an earlier court date.) Although I have no plans to r...

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    Depending on the jurisdiction of your cases, you should hire a lawyer. That lawyer should be able to get the cases dealt with for you, and in most cases, without the necessity of your appearance. Gilbert G. Garcia,

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  • Should you have a lawyer if you get a dilute on felony probation

    on felony probation for 15 months now,passed every test,fees are paid. took a test and it came back a dilute they want me to take a polygraph should i get a lawyer and will i go to jail if i fail polygraph. dont drink or do illegal drugs.

    Gilbert’s Answer

    You probably need a lawyer.

    Try and get a hair follicle test done to prove that you have not been doing drugs.

    I do not believe in polygraph tests.

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