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Robert Edwin Ray

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  • Company won't pay physicians. Need to get paid, all victim physicians owed >$400K.

    ER Group whose president is a ER doctor promises to pay me by 24th of the month after working in a hospital ER covered by this group. I have not gotten paid a single cent (owed $40K) after 2 months. At least 10 other doctors did not get paid, eith...

    Robert’s Answer

    More information is needed, but at a minimum, this situation may involve violations of state and federal labor laws, Joint Commission standards, and hospital internal regulations, not to mention any contractual agreements between you and the other docs and the ER Group. In order to protect your rights as a physician and avoid patient safety and other liability issues, these and other potential concerns need to be addressed without delay. Please call me immediately at 713.410.5380 if you would like to discuss or arrange an appointment on Monday or sometime next week.

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