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Cynthia Thomson Diggs

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  • Not Just for the Rich And Famous Anymore: Marital Property Agreements in the New Millenium

    Once thought to be necessary only for the very rich, marital property agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements or pre-nups have become significantly more common across a wide range of socio-economic levels in this country. A variety of factors may be responsible for this t...

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  • Divorce and Santa: Helping Children of Divorce Get Through the Holidays

    If you are divorced, or in the process of divorce, the holidays may seem like a daunting time to get through. But how do your children deal with the holidays with a divorce potentially casting a shadow over all of the holiday cheer? Children of divorce may find the holidays to be...

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  • Social Networking and Divorce: Why You May Want to Be Wary of Facebook

    Social Networking Statistics Did you ever think that your Facebook page could become evidence in a divorce? In 2010, over 80% of the lawyers surveyed with the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer

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  • How Do I Hire a Divorce Lawyer if My Spouse Controls All of Our Money?

    Finding the money for legal fees for divorce is often problematic, even for people who live well and have substantial assets. Sometimes the problem is one of cash-flow. At other times, the problem is that the other spouse tightly controls all of the assets. But there are solutio...

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  • Obtaining a Divorce in Texas From a Spouse Who Cannot be Located

    Can I divorce a spouse who lives in another state? Another country? Yes. This is a quasi-jurisdictional question in Texas and the answer depends on how long you have resided in the state and count

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  • What to Bring to an Initial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

    You can make the first meeting with your divorce attorney time-effective if you are organized ahead of time. Feel free to call ahead and ask the lawyer or one of the assistants what paperwork and information would be good to have with you. Our divorce law firm has a client ...

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