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Benjamin Kirke Sanchez

Benjamin Sanchez’s client reviews

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  • Great Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Hector

    I received a letter at my home in San Antonio Tx. I was being Sued by a Third Party bill collector that had purchased an Old Debt from over 4 years Ago. I was shocked at the amount they were sueing me for, not to mention all the lawyer fees and interest they were claiming. I went to the AVO web site and posted if I could be sued for debt that far back since it was past 4 years. Several lawyers had a pre- written answer, it seemed the same from the other lawyers! When Benjamin responded on my Question I felt that he wrote it himself. It was more informing and seemed he cared! I contacted his Law firm and was relieved by what he told me he could do for me. I was given a fair price for his defense ! It was well worth it, I definantly got way more than what he charged me. He kept me updated and well informed! We Won the case and my life is at ease thanks to his Agressive defense! He is definantly a Lawyer that deserves a five star rating ! I will keep him as my Lawyer if I ever need one! Thank you Sanchez Law Firm.

  • If you need a good lawyer -look no further!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Burton

    I felt I was being price gouged by one of my existing Texas lawyers in an ongoing lawsuit, and Benjamin was recommended to me by another lawyer in another state who was doing work for me. I was SOOOO glad to find Mr. Sanchez. He worked in harmony with my other counselors, (unlike my previous TX attorney) and he charged me very fairly -unlike the TX lawyer I hired him to replace! I more than got my money's worth from Benjamin. He did not nickel-and-dime me. He was always upfront regarding anything as to money and payment (I don't like attorney billing surprises).

    When the Texas attorney I had fired sued me for his charges that I had refused to pay, I hired Mr. Sanchez to represent me in this matter as well. He had the matter moved to arbitration -And again, thanks to Benjamin, WE WON! Benjamin found some very good arguments and used them effectively in the arbitration.

    In my experience with Benjamin Sanchez over the past year, I have to say that he treated me honestly in word and deed and he's my new go to guy in Texas business / personal legal matters. I always felt like Benjamin was (and is) interested in me as a person. I've never written an online review for anything, but I felt compelled to do this now since Benjamin has helped me so much in my stressful legal issues!

  • Defended Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    Over 5 years ago, I hired Mr. Sanchez to defend me in a very rancorous and emotional lawsuit that an ex-partner had filed against me. There were allegations of misuse of funds, failure to disclose, improper accounting, and breach of fiduciary duties. The partner claimed over $100,000.00 was owed and decided to hire an experienced trial attorney to sue me. At that time, Mr. Sanchez did not have a lot of experience in the courtroom but you could not tell that by the confident way he presented my case and how aggressive he was in rebutting all the ex-partner's allegations. During the trial, he even stayed up all night getting documents, motions, and witnesses ready for the next day of trial. In my 30 years plus of trying cases, I have rarely seen an attorney who was so prepared and would fight as hard as he could for his client. We prevailed in the lawsuit. The ex-partner ended up with a big fat zero and the attorneys fees I had to pay were very reasonable. Mr. Sanchez can give you my name and I will be honored to tell you more. You would do a lot worse by not hiring Mr. Sanchez and if you did hire him, you could not do better.