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Warren Vincent Norred

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  • What is the best way to get Fedloan to reconvert my Direct Loans back to TEACH grants?

    My TEACH grant was converted to to Direct loan without any notification from FedLoan. They took over my TEACH grant from another servicer. I was not aware that they had taken over the servicing until after they already converted the grant to a loa...

    Warren’s Answer

    I think you're unlikely to get anywhere with this. No one is going to make this change short of a federal suit costing thousands of dollars, and at the end, you're likely to lose because you were probably notified in some way and your time period to discuss the matter is over, if it ever existed.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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  • Do I Have Any Options Against Continued Legal Attacks After a Settlement Agreement?

    Do I have any options to stop an attorney (on contingency) who continues to bring frivolous legal claims against me relating to a settlement agreement that I have been in complete compliance with for close to 2 years? He has brought 4 claims over ...

    Warren’s Answer

    There is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion on the matter. You might want to take the settlement agreements to the consultation, and a bulleted chronology of the events. These will make the discussion more fruitful.

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  • Do I have a case? Also, what type of attorney should I look for?

    I was rented a car from Enterprise that not was not only severely damaged underneath the vehicle, but marijuana was left in the vehicle. The vehicle was returned, and I was given another vehicle which had issues with the wheels. All of this has be...

    Warren’s Answer

    The attorney's response will probably be to ask you if you are willing to pay him hourly, as this kind of case will probably not warrant substantial fees, and it will be a lot of work. BUT, if you are willing, you might be able to recover those fees in the suit.

    Nothing short of a good long consultation to evaluate it. Make a chronology in bullet-form to take to the consultation, as well as the contract.

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  • Do I have a right to claim royalties for my intellectual property eventhough I was not "owner" of the band?

    As a musician, I never signed any contract with my band back in 2000, a gentleman's agreement was made amongst band members to all be owners of the band if we pitched in to record a "Demo". The band was lucky to get a major record deal soon after...

    Warren’s Answer

    You have a copyright dispute. You were either listed or not listed in the copyright registration of those creative works. If you were not listed, then you'd need to get that fixed. You'd also have to sue for an accounting on the works. As has already been discussed, it's been a while, so you'll have a problem on the money you've lost, since you've waited so long.

    Probably worth taking all the details to a local attorney and spending some time looking at the registered copyrights on the works.

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  • What will happen if I don't show up to an agreement appointment with attorney general? We already made an a agreement last year.

    What if I don't show up for attorney general meeting

    Warren’s Answer

    Depends. If you don't call first, then whatever the subject to be discussed at the meeting will come to a conclusion that is based on what the AG's office wants to do.

    If you can't make it, just call their office and let them know. If you are filing bankruptcy, let them know that.

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  • Can I legally distribute scikit-video as BSD which provides functionality for calling the FFmpeg executable?

    I am designing a piece of software ("scikit-video") that I would like to release under BSD. This piece of software has its own functions which essentially wrap a separately compiled piece of software ("ffmpeg"). FFmpeg is released under the LGPL l...

    Warren’s Answer

    Without reading each license of each package, it's hard to know. And licenses can change as new versions come out. It's a real mess to know what, exactly, you are promising to do and not do.

    You are wise to gain advice on the matter, but I'd guess that you should expect to pay between $500 and $1000 for an opinion like this that you are going to rely on.

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  • Can I be heard and prove my accusations of predatory lender and possible fraud

    My home has already been foreclosured. Doing bad business with bad people and finding out my lender is a predatory lender. Looking at all my documents I believe fraud is a major issue and why I lost my home. The company had me in circles believing...

    Warren’s Answer

    Maybe. How long ago was this? How much of the communications were in written, i.e., provable?

    People try to argue that a lender was working with them on a modification, but rarely have any promises in writing.

    Take all the written documents to a local attorney competent in consumer law. If you can write down in bulleted form the events surrounding the foreclosure, it helps. Start with dates that you bought the house, stopped paying on it or missed payments, received letters, emails, etc.

    Good luck!

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  • How can we search for patents and get a patent?

    Situation is my friend and I have an idea we tried searching for the patent and see if anything was taken. But couldn't find anything.

    Warren’s Answer

    The easiest place to start looking through patents (for newbies) is to go to and search using descriptive words. Just pull the first one up, and get familiar with the various parts of a patent.

    But before even that, go to the link I provided and read through the instructions. Then you can mess around in the google database, the USPTO database, and then others as you get better.

    It is worth hiring an attorney to do a real patent search. Obviously, those of us who have done this a couple hundred times will be a bit better at it. This is not a place to skimp, and the beauty of it is that you can hire any of us, anywhere in the world, to do this.

    There is a lot more that one can say about this process, including the problem of analogous art - an orthopedic tool may not be patentable because carpenters have used a similar tool to accomplish similar ends for decades.

    Realize you are trying to prove a negative. Not an easy task.

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  • How do you terminate a Joint Venture that doesn't exist?

    Last March, I stupidly signed a JV deal with a U.K. based record label. I'm from the U.S. At the time, the label had only correspondence with my manager up until a few days before I signed it. Turned out to be a huge mistake. Since then the label ...

    Warren’s Answer

    You could seek a declaratory judgment that the contract is over, citing a number of reasons (like a lack of agreement to mutual terms).

    Not too difficult or pricey. Contact one of your local attorneys (ahem) and bring the contract to the consultation.

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  • How can I make someone refinance a vehicle to get it out of my name since they are the one driving it?

    I helped a friend purchase a vehicle and the bank loan is in my name and he's the cosigner. He was supposed to refinance it only in his name and he has yet to do so. He does not have his own insurance on it, only the insurance I carry since I'm t...

    Warren’s Answer

    First of all, you need to lock this into your brain so it never happens again. If you enter a financial arrangement with a friend, you need an attorney to paper it up properly. Second, if you cosign for a friend, recognize that it is VERY likely you will be left holding the bill, and not the car. Third, you need to send an email to your friend (or at least a text), and tell him that you need to be shown proof that he has insurance, and that if he can't refinance the car in the next 30 days, then the two of you need to sit down with an attorney. If he's not willing to do that (and I'll bet that he doesn't), then you need to get a copy of the title, make sure it is in your name, and then either sue him for possession of the car, report it as stolen, or something.

    You'll have to get aggressive on this, or you will be taken advantage of.

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