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Sonali Patnaik

Sonali Patnaik’s Legal Guides

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  • Understanding the Immigration Accountability Executive Order (Part 1)

    ImmigrationAction and what it means to you. Part 1: Students, Parents, and Employees DHS is still finalizing procedural steps for these applications. The estimated implementation date for these polic

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  • Immigration Consequences of a False Claim to U.S. Citizenship

    In the spectrum of Immigration violations, a false claim to U.S. citizenship might be the most underestimated. This is because it often occurs by a clerical error on a form and is rarely prosecuted as a criminal offense. Still, this offense carries enormous consequences under U.S...

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  • Applying for Deferred Action Status and Employment Authorization for Certain Childhood Arrivals

    To facilitate timely filing of these cases as August 15th approaches, Patnaik Law Office will now start opening cases to determine eligibility and collect required documents and fees. Attorney fees are $500 per applicant. USCIS fees will be $465 per applicant. Attached please fin...

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  • The Re-Entry Permit: How to maintain your U.S. permanent residence while residing abroad

    Requirements of Lawful Permanent Residence Congratulations, you've obtained your green card! Now you have to follow the requirements to keep it. In addition to the immigration consequences of crimin

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