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Patrick Karl Short

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    Posted by Amber gardner

    Hired Attorney

    Don't hire this attorney before reading ALL his reviews... Don't make the same mistake I did

    I hired Mr. Short to represent my daughter that was suffocated by a hospital when she was nine months old... I could sit here and tell you piece by piece how he screwed us over for seven years straight... The incident happened January 12, 2006 and here we are October 29 of 2012 and there is still no resolve!!! Please read all of his other reviews before hiring this attorney... We are not the only victims... There are many people out there with the same stories as mine... Mr. Short lies in the name of the Lord, He is very unprofessional and is all about the money... He could care less about the well-being of his client... There is zero communication... Zero dignity or loyalty... We had a hands-down win, And after he settled her case partially out of court for pennies on the dollar... He then took the majority of the money that was recovered and left my daughter with less than half!!! There are not enough words or time to explain the heartache and pain that Mr. Short has caused our family!!! I put my daughter's life in his hands, She had already been a victim of medical malpractice and was left with severe anoxic brain damage legally blind and suffers from severe spastic several policy not to mention she had a stroke during the suffocation... Get this man found a way to victimize her once again!!! Don't believe his lies, I am here to tell you he is a master manipulator... My motherly instinct told me to get rid of him years ago but because of my loyalty I kept faith that he was going to do what was right... Instead after spending tons of my daughters money and then on top of that trying to charge me interest... He presented zero witnesses lied to me about the rebuttal witnesses, Did not present any physical evidence to the jury for consideration, And was less than prepared to represent a multimillion dollar medical malpractice case!!! This is my fair warning to you again please read all of his reviews Before hiring this attorney