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Jeffrey Albert Yates

Jeffrey Yates’s Legal Guides

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  • Is the Cloud Safe? Things to Consider Before You Commit

    A growing population of consumers utilizes some type of "cloud"-based computing service. Cloud technology provides many benefits, such as increased computing power, access to files from anywhere, and possibly reduced computing costs. However, as more and more businesses and i...

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  • Contracts 101: Eight Simple Tips for Small Business Contracts

    Many clients indicate that they do not want a lengthy contract simply because their vendor or customer will not sign it. As a small business, that may be understandable, but there are still some basic terms you can include in a short contract that will provide you with some basic protection.

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  • Estate Planning in a Digital Age

    Almost since the inception of our laws, property has been considered to be either personal or real property; however, over the past decade, a trend has evolved creating essentially a third category: digital assets that are often stored on a cloud. Traditional estate planning does...

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